Ali Santana '16

Hometown: Burlingame, CA

Major: HSSP and Sociology

Relationship Status: Single


Her Campus: So how did you choose Brandeis?

Ali Santana: When it came down to it I liked it the most out of my options. When I toured I liked that didn’t attract one type of person but rather a diverse group of students.

HC: Are you interested in the science or health policy of HSSP?

AS: More health policy. I’m not sure what I want to do but what interests me most is health care and equality. 

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

AS: I am a sister of Kappa Beta Gamma (KBG), a member of the sailing team and participate in some random Waltham group stuff.

HC: How did you get involved with sailing?
AS: I learned how to sail at camp in California. When I got here I met the sailing team captain and they told me about it so now I spend almost every weekend sailing.

HC: What do you like to do for fun at Brandeis?

AS: I like spending time with sisters but I really like to go off campus and exploring Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) is one of my new favorite places and I always like to find new spots to explore. I also like spending time outdoors and going on hikes to the reservoir.

HC: What do you miss most about California?

AS: Everything! Everything back home seems fresher, I miss the food and being outside in the sun. And the beach and avocados and my dog. I like the seasonal changes but I wish I could be outside more.

HC: Do you plan on going abroad?

AS: Right now I want to go to Israel but only if I could do something that would fit with HSSP (Health, Science, and Social Policy).

HC: What are three things you could not live without?

AS: My dog, being able to draw, the outdoors (the sun).

HC: What do you think the best place to meet new people on campus is?

AS: I usually meet people when I am out or through other people…or the dungeon ;) 

HC: What would your ideal date be?

AS: I really like cooking so I would like to make dinner together and then watch a movie or go for a walk.

HC: What are your favorite things about the boys at Brandeis?

AS: The difference between high school and here is that you can see a good-looking person and then they talk and they are actually smart. There is a lot more substance and I like being able to have actual intelligent conversations.

What’s the best pickup line you’ve heard?

AS: One time this guy came up to me at a party and asked, “Do you think there is fluoride in this water?” I was just like what the f***? but we actually ended up having a really long conversation after that.

If you could…

…be a Disney princess, which one would you be?

AS: Merida

…have one super power, what would it be?

AS: The ability to touch a book and have all the knowledge without having to read it

…go back in time when would you go?

AS: To the 20s and go to a Gatsby party.  

…have one song stuck in your head for a year what would it be?

AS: “Sweet Disposition” by Tempertrap

…go on a date with anyone?

AS: James Franco

…sail anywhere in the world where would go you?

AS: The Mediterranean


Movie: “Amelie” (a French movie),  “Big Fish”

TV Show: Gilmore Girls

Food: well I’m allergic to like everything…but I really like crispy imperial roles they are Vietnamese like spring rolls. Disclaimer: she puts honey in her coffee

Thing About Brandeis: You can actually be whoever you want and do whatever you want and people don’t care…there are people who wear capes to class so if you want to be different its fine!

Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelorette