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Alanna Drasin ’13

Maybe you’ve seen her while shopping on 80spurple or maybe you’ve seen her modeling some of your favorite American Apparel clothing, but you’ve most definitely seen her on campus! Junior Alanna Drasin is not only the up-and-coming “it-girl” in the LA fashion scene, but also an involved Brandeis University student majoring in Politics and involved in student groups such as Brandeis Zionist Alliance and College Republicans. Drasin took a moment from her busy schedule to give us Her Campus Brandeis ladies a couple of pieces of style and modeling advice, along with some insight on what it’s like to be in the fashion industry. 

Q: What is your major?
A: Politics 

Q: What year are you?
A: Junior

Q: Where are you from?
A: Beverly Hills, CA

Q: What clubs and organizations are you involved in on campus?
A: College Republicans, Brandeis Zionist Alliance, and Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee

Q: How did you get involved in modeling?
A: I started modeling my senior year in high school when I was discovered at an American Apparel open call. 

Q: What are some of the brands you have modeled for in the past?
A: American Apparel, Ximena Valero, 80s Purple, UNNUR, George Gina & Lucy, Smoke and Mirrors, Iman Chenancau, Petit Lapin

Q: What is it like being a model in LA?
A: For me, modeling in LA is very laid-back, especially when I work at American Apparel. It is a social and creative outlet for me. Everyone is very outgoing and flamboyant, free to be themselves and act silly. But at the end of the day, we have come together to make something cohesive and productive. 

Q: How do you split time between modeling and school?
A: In college, I usually do my modeling jobs in LA while on breaks and occasionally take a long weekend here and there to go home and model. I haven’t utilized modeling in Boston, outside of Brandeis, because I like to focus on my studies while on the east coast. 

Q: Who are your modeling influences? 
A: I like the models that grace the pages of Vogue, like Karlie Kloss and Kate Moss. But I also appreciate models who embrace their curves like Crystal Renn. 

Q: Do you think you will pursue modeling after you graduate?
A: A young model’s career is over by the age of 25; but if I were to have the opportunity, I would embrace it. 

Q: How would you describe your personal style?
A: I’ve acquired  most of my style from my older sister, who loves a combination of grunge, vintage, goth, and preppy looks all in one. I love mixing something old with something new. Shopping in your closet is always the best and cheapest way to go!

Q: What are some of your style and fashion influences?
A: Part of my morning ritual is looking at fashion blogs like Refinery 29, Man Repeller, and Mr. Newton. My sister works for a trend forecasting company, so I love looking at whats being worn on the street. Street style is by far the most inspirational to me. 

Q: Do you want to pursue a career in fashion? If not, what type of a career do you want to pursue?
A: My main career goals are in politics and political campaigning, but I would never rule out a job in fashion. I suppose it really depends on where my future takes me. Modeling has definitely introduced me to some talented people that I hope to stay in contact with.  

Q: What are some valuable lessons you have learned from modeling?
A: In my high school years I was extremely shy, mostly because I was used to being the little sister. Modeling helped me distinguish myself as an individual, and I gained invaluable life skills by interacting with adults and professionals at such a young age. 

Q: Do you have any modeling/style tips for our HC readers?
A: Find your good angle! Seriously, I had to work to find what angles suit my face the best. Chin down is always flattering, and pop your hip and turn slightly to the side to excentuate your curves. For style tips, dress for your figure and draw attention to your most positive assets. Black is my favorite color because it is most flattering, but I like to glam my look up with a leather jacket, statement jewelry, and motorcycle boots. 

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