Admitted Students Day From the Perspective of an Admissions Volunteer

     This past weekend Brandeis hosted their annual Admitted Students Day in which several recently admitted prospective students and their families visit campus to see if Brandeis is the best fit for them to continue their college journey! As a student volunteer for the Admissions Office, this is one of the busiest but most exciting days to work and I’ll be taking you with me throughout my day.

6:30 am - Did I just hear you internally scream? Because I most definitely externally screamed when my alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 6 am. I was not too happy about this early weekend wake-up call especially after a super busy Saturday but knowing coffee would be plentiful I dragged myself to shower and get ready for the day.

7:30 am - Every Admitted Students Day, Gosman is turned into a formal sea of blue with tons of balloons, student club tables, breakfast buffets, and photo booths. By this hour, a small buzz of excitement emerges from the volunteers and Admissions staff. Jobs are explained, last cups of coffee are consumed and people begin to get ready for a fun-filled day.


8:00 am - DOORS OPEN and families begin to fill Gosman. Families and students enjoy the breakfast buffet, DEIS talks (my favorite part of Admitted Students Day), and spoken word with Dean of Students Jamele Adams.

10:45 am - For both of the Admitted Students days I have worked thus far in my Brandeis career, I have sat on panels discussing various aspects of life at Brandeis. This morning I was able to talk to a room full of perspective mid-year students about the confusion, excitement, and opportunities that the program entails! I love doing panels because I get to talk to new people but also have the support of many other Brandeis students also sitting on the panel which definitely helps with public-speaking nerves.

12 pm -  I quickly grabbed a couple extra sweaters in between my panel and lunch because the rain turned into sleet/snow and I was FREEZING. I then headed over to the catered lunch (food is just one of the amazing perks of volunteering for admissions) and spoke with several different prospective students about class scheduling, going into Boston, how I spend my weekends, and choosing my major. I also helped guide a few students around campus before running off to my next panel.


1:45 - My afternoon panel was a little more relaxing since it addressed the same topics about being a mid-year as I had covered in the morning.

3:00 - After finishing up my afternoon panel, I finally had time to meet up with some prospective students from my high school. It’s so exciting to be able to share my new home with others and walk around with them to see what they are looking for in a college.

(PC: Goldie Davoudgoleh)

4:00 pm - After a whirlwind of a day, open houses started to die down, and families began to leave the day of festivities. I made my way back to my residential hall and cracked open my backpack to begin my homework for the weekend.