8 Thoughts While Watching 50 Shades Of Grey

Without a doubt the most talked about movie this February has been 50 Shades of Grey. There have been critiques, praises and everything in between for this new release based off the infamous book. If you haven't, or will admit to reading it, you heard about it and know what it's about. When you watch a movie there are always thoughts running through your mind about the movie. Here were eight of mine: 

1)   Should I be watching this?

2)   I’ll never look at a tie the same

3)   Is lip biting that affective?

4)   Is BDSM more popular now?

5)   Is he taking off his shirt again?

6)   So…this is a playroom?

7)   Well that escalated quickly.

8)   Are you sure you want to count to 6…? How about 1?