8 Kinds of “Catty Theater Kids” at a Small Liberal Arts School: An Ode to Those With a Flare for the Dramatics

Theater at a small liberal arts university is QUITE the experience. This group of humans is so wonderfully extra, any experience with them is a guaranteed shit show. From daily rehearsals to cast parties, you are always guaranteed some beautifully betchy people watching. Here are a few of the cattiest characters that make the theater community such a sight to see.

The Attention Hog

    ‘Theater is my LIIIFE!” This person lives and breathes ~the theater~ and makes damn sure you know it. Regardless of the size of their part, this character believes that literally, every waking moment of rehearsals revolves around them. They insist upon using technical terms during blocking and are certain they are the world’s personal gift to the theater program at your school. Ya either gotta love this person for who they are, or avoid them like the plague because their Extra is absolutely not going to wear off. http://weknowmemes.com/generator/meme/524971/


The “Shusher”

    My least favorite member of the cast, this demon takes everything WAY too seriously. Need to ask your friend a question? “SHHH” Making a joke about the lyrics to the song you’re learning? “SHHHHHHHHH!” Breathing too loud? You guessed it! For some unforgivable reason, this person insists on being that one kid in rehearsal who stops the process to remind everyone to “BE RESPECTFUL AND TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!” Ugh. http://memeshappen.com/meme/angry-baby/altos-be-quiet-61396


The One Who Won’t Stop Tap Dancing

    We all know the incredibly talented dancer who makes every second of rehearsal a dance recital. We know you’re classically trained. This person is usually a sweetheart, just so long as you’re not talking about dancing or doing anything dance related near them in the show. If so, backup my friend, they are definitely claiming center stage. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/explore/dance-memes/?lp=true


The Power Hungry Director

    Honestly, no explanation needed. The student director who gets the tiiiiiiiniest sliver of power and goes absolutely nuts. We all know you’re in charge, yelling and clapping your hands ain’t doin a damn thing. https://www.pinterest.co.uk/holin/theatre-memes/?lp=true


The Overcompensator

    This member of the cast is an undercover theater nerd, who tries to make up for it by acting like an absolute asshole. In the middle of rehearsal, this is the homie who turns to the nearest person and goes “Yo, did you see the game this weekend?” Of course they haven’t! These are indoor kids you’re talking too! This kid makes it their personal mission to  prove to everyone that they’re not a theater kid. Nice try buddy, we see you. https://me.me/t/don-t-be-a-douche


The Shit Talker  

    This person puts the drama in drama queen or king. Unfortunately, this person has made it their personal duty to know everyone’s business and quickly spread the word. Whether it’s true or not (it’s usually not) they go out of their way to spread ridiculous rumors and stir the pot on the daily. Feeling out of the loop on cast drama? Here’s your go-to gal/guy. Just know you’re probably not getting a correct version of the truth… https://memecrunch.com/meme/4N08A/shit-talkers


The Complainer

    Stop whining! If you choose to commit to being in a show, you already know the time commitment. There is absolutely NO reason to be whining about being in rehearsal. Just because the director isn’t tending to you every waking minute, doesn’t mean you deserve to go home. Not to sound like The “Shusher” but seriously, SHHHHHH! http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/d6/d6398a9ecf0612bc7989ebc6f05dfed0990624fe3...


The Judgy One

    Okay let’s be real here, most people fall under this category every once in a while. No matter what your character size, or level of talent or experience, everyone finds themselves being a little catty at one point or another. Just remember, the theater is about expressing yourself and building each other up. Don’t be rude and remember, the cast is supposed to be a family. :) https://memecrunch.com/meme/4NX0E/judgy