7 Stages of a Long Weekend

Everyone loves a good long weekend. There is nothing better than getting that extra day of blissful nothingness, especially at the end of a busy week. Luckily for us Brandeisians, we don’t have class the next two Mondays…and you know what that means, LONG WEEKEND TIME! Here are 7 stages of a long weekend that we college students know all too well…

1. WOOHOO! Long weekend time and I’m ready to celebrate!

2. When “I’ll just watch one episode then go out and be social” turns into a total binge-watching session.

3. Going out into the real world to get some nice non-Sodexo food.

4. Being sure to document any cool activity you may do for future Instagram use.  

5. It’s already Sunday night? I have to do all my work!

6. BUT WAIT! No class tomorrow!

And finally,

7. When you have to actually wake up for class on Tuesday morning.