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7 Documentaries on Netflix to Watch In Honor of Women’s History Month

Netflix has been on top of their documentary game lately, offering a wide variety of feature and short docs, as well as numerous documentary series, all of which come together to cover every single topic imaginable.  In honor of Women’s History month, check out these seven titles that highlight contemporary women and women’s issues that will surely find themselves included in history books in years to come.

Women’s List

Watch fifteen contemporary women, from artists to entrepreneurs, politicians, and pilots tell their stories and discuss what it means to be a successful woman.


Iris tells the story of Iris Apfel, the most fashionable woman you could ever meet and a woman who is never afraid to go against the grain and be herself. 

A Ballerina’s Tale 

This documentary film follows ABT principal dancer turned media darling, Misty Copeland as she struggles to overcome the barriers of being the first black principal ballerina at a top international ballet company. 

Miss Sharon Jones!

Watch the titular, unlikely star with a huge voice take on her much belated music career and a personal cancer battle. 

She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry 

The fight for women’s equality has been a long and slow one. She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry illustrates how a little passionate anger can help bring people of all walks of life together to create positive change. 

Miss Representation 

This feminist classic reveals the ways in which mass media harmfuly influences and shapes our way of thinking about women and gender.  

Presenting Princess Shaw 

Another story of an unlikely star with a great set of pipes, Presenting Princess Shaw follows Samantha Montgomery as she is catapulted to fame thanks to a collaboration with another musician based in Israel. 

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