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50 Reasons to Love Spring

This list is in no particular order. Enjoy. 

  1. Sundresses.
  2. Sunglasses.
  3. Floral print everything.
  4. Classes coming to an end.
  5. Sun sun sun sun sun sun!!!!
  6. PACHANGGAAA (I actually got a ticket, haters gonna hate, potatoes gonna potate)
  7. The ability to not freeze your ass off while walking to class.
  8. The ability to have motivation to go to class.
  9. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE MADE MUSIC AGAIN. Basically having another JT album on my iPod is a reason to love any given day. 
  10. Not needing to wear skinny jeans anymore. Leg prison no more.
  11. I said this for fall, but denim. Denim. Preferably in the boyfriend style re: above post. 
  12. SPRINGFEST! Cannot wait <33 xoxoxo
  13. Happiness. Spring is just such a happy time (once we finish the semester)
  14. Iced coffee.
  15. Or iced tea – no more burnt tongues!
  16. New Star Trek movie! Chris Pine wears spandex I really can’t complain. And things blow up so that’s always cool. 
  17. Though I love my winter boot season more than anything, freshly painted toenails are always fun! I think I’m going for neon pink or bright blue this year.
  18. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. I mean it this time. There’s an actual date. May 26th. 
  19. Tanning. By that I mean not looking like you’re a creature of the night, but being healthy and sunkissed (no fake stuff)
  20. Time to catch up on all those TV shows that you stopped watching some time around first semester finals. 
  21. Time to pick up new TV shows to watch in their entirety before they return next fall. (I love you Netflix)
  22. Eating outside. I love eating lunch in the sweet sweet sunshine. 
  23. Breaking up with your tissue box. Time for a new lover, allergy medicine!
  24. GAME OF THRONES. If you don’t watch, uhhh… I don’t really have much to say on that.
  25. Spring Breakers. I dont have much to say other than *James Franco voice* “spring break forevaaaa”
  26. Sunsets. I’m a sucker for a beautiful sunset. 
  27. New music! Here is a list of a few albums that have just been released/a few to look forward to:
    • The Strokes – Comedown Machine (the boys are back :))
    • Wavves – Afraid of Heights. (perfect spring jamz)
    • James Blake – Overgrown 
    • Tyler, The Creator – Wolf 
    • Fall Out Boy – Save Rock and Roll (do not judge me, I freaking love FOB) 
    • Kid Cudi – Indicud out April 16th
    • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito out April 16th 
    • Pheonix – Bankrupt! out April 23rd (it totally leaked over a week ago…)
    • Vampire Weekend – Modern Vampires of the City out May 7th 
    • Daft Punk – Random Access Memories out May 17th (OMGGG)
    • there are a ton more here’s a list, yes I wikied this to make sure I got my dates right considering you can never trust the internet with it’s leaked content and illegal downloading… 
  28. Passion fruit flavored anything.
  29. Along with the new music kick, The Postal Service is back and touring this spring! (You can find me at Barclay’s Center on June 15th…)
  30. Spring fever. Don’t know what that means. For me it’s just returning to a state of freedom and not being so tied up with everything at school and in class. 
  31. Festival season. If you’re a tad obsessed like me, you might be in your dorm watching the Coachella livestream this weekend (or next weekend!) (p.s. I’m not actually watching the livestream because I hate it, but that’s a different topic of discussion) 
  32. Just being lazy. 
  33. Just being Miley.
  34. That was a joke.
  35. Being anxiety free for a bit!!
  36. Having a little more room to roam on campus – here’s to those staying on campus this summer!
  37. Did I mention I love sunglasses?
  38. Definitely not wearing shorts I hate shorts. 
  39. HOLI (next weekend April 21st on Chapel’s Field)
  40. Shedding the layers upon layers of clothes that we’ve collected over the past few months. I think the scarf around my neck is fixated there permanently. 
  41. (boys on skateboards) (ignore me I’m being silly)
  42. Being able to run outside again. This has nothing to do with me, I can’t run. 
  43. Kate Young for Target.
  44. I’m just excited to start working my job again so I can afford my concert habit. And shoes. Love shoes.
  45. Strawberries.
  46. Any berries actually.
  47. Iron Man 3. Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man playing Robert Downey Jr. playing Iron Man playing Iron Man ????
  48. More time to tweet. My priorities are admirable I know. 
  49. Eating ice cream again without freezing your face/fingers off. Actually I totally eat ice cream when it’s snowing, but for those normal folk out there.
  50. Just. Breathing. 
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