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50 Reasons to Love Fall (In no particular order)

50 Reasons to LOVE Fall (In no particular order)

1. Sweaters. I know most of you girls love your little denim shorts and breezy tanks all summer – and trust me, I love wearing virtually no clothing as well – but there is something sacred about the sweater. It has all the coziness of a sweatshirt, but can still be super cute and dressed up. My splurge sweater choice this year is the Honeycomb Sweater by Madewell. I never want to take mine off.

2. Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation.

3. New music. I don’t know about you, but I love when September and October roll around because tis the season to release new albums! Here are just a few new albums to check out:

  • 1. The Truth About Love – Pink
  • 2. Babel – Mumford & Sons
  • 3. Battle Born – The Killers
  • 4. Coexist – The xx
  • 5. Cruel Summer – G.O.O.D. Music 

4. Freshman Firstyears, obviously.

5. Oatmeal. It might just be me, but oatmeal is such a ‘fall’ snack/meal/what have you. I love it, so go eat oatmeal.

6. Skinny jeans. This is a contradictory item on my list. So, I kind of hate skinny jeans, (yet I still wear them every day) but I especially hate skinny jeans in the summer, which is why between May and September they sit in my closet gathering dust bunnies. So now is the time to whip em’ out and enjoy having your legs being back in leg-prison!

7. Actually all denim. Denim is awesome, and dark denim looks great in autumn. Denim jackets too.

8. It’s been almost a month (September 12th) since the 6th anniversary of Justin Timberlake’s FutereSex/LoveSounds, but I celebrate this album every day of my life, so go ahead, and start sharing your JT pride! (I know you want to).


10. Watching Halloween movies all month – for those lucky ducks with cable and ABC Family. But really, Hocus Pocus is probably the best movie that I’ve ever seen.

11. Umm… our lovely Andrea Stern’s birthday! October 15th, mark your calendars girls!

12. Although it’s come to an end, the fashion week season is oh so wonderful. (If you haven’t already, check out Marc Jacobs SS13 from NYFW, it’s to die for.)

13. Midterms. Aren’t midterms just the best? Don’t you love studying? I know I do.

14. Boots, boots, boots! Not Dora’s best friend, but your foot’s best friends!

15. Every single train wreck of a TV show (aka anything on The CW) is coming back. And you can watch them all.

16. Apple picking. The most wholesome, but insanely fun activity ever.

17. To go along with that theme, pumpkin patches are also super enjoyable, and carving pumpkins is even better, but a lot messier…

18. Leather jackets. The perfect outerwear.

19. J.W. Anderson for Topshop. I’m only a tad obsessed with this overpriced collection that I will not purchase, and if I didn’t love his collection enough, here’s a photo of Alexa Chung wearing it oh so well. (The crazy cool patterned iPhone cases are normally priced if anyone was curious.)

20. Breaking out new notebooks… to use as a doodle pad… and doing that instead of homework.

21. Fresh smell of chill in the air. Fall is when you walk outside and get that invigorating tingle throughout your body from the slight coldness in the air. In a few months you’ll just be an icicle.

22. New friends. Maybe it’s because I’m a firstyear, but I have a sense that returning to school comes with meeting new people and all that jazz.

23. Becoming reunited with your beloved tissue box. Always a plus.

24. Beanies #important

25. THE MINDY PROJECT. I just love Mindy Kaling.

26. Sweaters. It needed to be on here twice.

27. Having off from school because of those Jewish Holidays that are about how much we love fall?

28. Pitch Perfect. If you haven’t seen the trailer, you are missing out. It’s as if someone took Glee and dropped it into a lake of toxic college mutant waste, but funny? Also, Adam Devine.

29. I definitely wiki-ed this, but it’s National Pizza Month… so just, eat pizza I guess.

30. Attending sporting events without freezing your butt off.

31. FALL FEST!!!

32. Knee socks with skirts and sweaters, it just looks cute.

33. Getting ready for the Arrested Development movie by watching the entire series. Again.

34. Dor Guez: 100 Steps to the Mediterranean. If you haven’t been to the Rose’s new installation, I highly recommend going. Dor Guez’s show is quite majestic.

35. Pretending to be a witch. (Not really) Witches are a weird obsession of mine because they are awesome, and what better time to appreciate them than around Halloween? I am not promoting witchcraft, but maybe just watch The Craft or something.

36. USHER’S BIRTHDAY. (October 14th)

37. No Shave November is coming up for all of you who adore beards.

38. Tim Burton movie marathons. This is an activity I highly suggest. Not only is The Nightmare Before Christmas the best movie, but also it is very fall appropriate AND his new movie, Frankenweenie, comes out this weekend.

39. Running around in fallen leaves before they get gross. Its cliché, but get over it.

40. Scarves and more scarves and more scarves they are so cozy!!!!

41. Having cinnamon and pumpkin spice themed food wherever you go (muffins at Eintstein’s)

42. Bringing out the dark nail polish. (black, green, blue, purple, the works…)

43. Sukkot because there are just random tents all over campus. I suggest a game of hide and sukkah seek.

44. iPhone 5.

45. Watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report cover the election campaigns. I’m a sucker for Stephen Colbert.

46. Turning back into a ghost aka pale people. It may seem sad to lose that summer tan, but ghosts are cool, so embrace it.

47. Did I mention how much I love wearing boots?

48. Coursework anxiety.

49. Still celebrating Justin Timberlake’s most recent album. Seriously though, what is up with that?


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