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5 Ways You Know it is Admitted Students Day

Yesterday (Sunday April 10th) was Admitted Students Day here on campus, and tons of excited pre-freshman flocked to campus to explore and learn as much as they could about their future home. As a tour guide, I was super busy meeting people and giving campus tours yesterday, but regardless of whether or not you volunteer for admissions, I’m sure you could tell it was ASD. Here are some of those telltale signs:

First of all, admitted students and their families are EVERYWHERE. 

Tour groups take over campus, bumping into each other and making it near impossible for you to access any building (sorry about it guys!). 

They look like this:

And you look like this:

Then you see that all the admitted students got a super cool Brandeis selfie stick. And you want one. 


Also, you want to crash those huge Admitted Student’s Day lunches just so you can snag one of those yummy Brandeis-themed cookies. 

Finally, that feeling you get watching a new generations of Brandeisians get excited to come to campus, but simultaneously realizing this means you are getting older. 

Congratulations to Brandeis Class of 2020 on your acceptances! See you on campus!


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