5 Ways to Sick to Your Fitness Goals in Winter

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Get The Right Gear

Getting the motivation to leave your bed to go workout is already ~so~ difficult, having the right (read as: warm) workout gear will make a winter workout much less dreadful. Some of my favorite warm weather essentials include fleece-lined leggings, knit headbands (so you can still wear a ponytail!), and long sleeves with thumbholes. Be aware that there is a fine line between accounting for warming up and underdressing. Try a few workouts with different combinations to find what is best for you -- it’s always better to overdress rather than have to turn back on a run because you can’t feel your body.

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Make a Bomb Playlist

Nothing pumps me up more for the last mile of a run, series of sprints, or circuit of weights than a killer playlist. Try mixing up your normal workout routine playlist by adding today’s top hits, throwbacks, or your favorite party jams. Spotify has tons of playlist to cater to different workouts such as HIIT, Spin, Weights, and Cardio under the Workout label in the genre section. These are great for inspiration and make sure to “vet” your playlist before working out so you won’t have waste time changing the song during a workout.

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Switch Up Your Workout

For many people the reason why they workout is to spend more time outside, enjoy the sun, and beauty of nature. But come January in Boston, there is no sun, and anything representative of nature is buried under a pile of snow. Use the Winter months to try a new type of exercise. Some ideas include yoga, circuit training  (which can be done in a weight room, a racquetball court, or any MPR), weight lifting, and spin bike. There are also tons of workout videos for at home (read as: indoor) workouts such as barre, or ab circuits on Youtube that are great for a quick winter workout. Youtube is also a great way to pick up a new type of training.

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Start Your Day With a Workout

Trust me, I understand how difficult it is to leave the little slice of heaven that is your bed on a cold winter morning ~but~ working out in the morning will provide subconscious motivation. Busy schedules during the day often mean it is dark by the time people have free time but by then there is very little motivation to go workout in the cold, dark, and often wet conditions. By working out in the morning, it means there will be daylight and the release of endorphins will make your winter mornings a little brighter!

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Keep Yourself Accountable

The hardest part of a workout is sticking to it and without normal incentives such as a pretty running trail, or the nice tan from training outside it can be hard to keep up a daily routine. Leave yourself reminders around your room or on your calendar about your fitness goals, enlist a friend to trek through the snow to the gym with you, or join a club or intramural team to help motivate you and keep you accountable for your workouts.

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Happy Winter training everyone!