5 Ways To Be A Better Sister

As the youngest girl in a family of seven, it oftentimes because challenging to stand out as the nice sibling. As much as parents deny it, there’s always at least one family member in a big family that is at least a little bit nicer than the others. Whether it’s being more supportive, compassionate, or loving, there is always room for improvement. I have grown to accept the fact that I’ll never be the “Big Sister” (instead, I’m the “Big Aunt”). Even though I might not have as big of a position to fill, there are times when I know I can be a better sister. Because of this, I find that there are certain things that I (and you!) can do to make yourself that much better of a sister…


1. Ask your siblings to hang out more

I always grew up with the idea that if I hung out with my family more than my friends, I wasn’t “cool.” I don’t know where this idea even came from, since I have always gone to school with my sister and it’s been so hard to avoid it. I have grown to realize that your siblings are your best friends, and it is okay to hang out with them, too. They’re your best friends for a reason!



2. Get more involved in your sibling’s lives

There’s no better feeling than knowing my sister can tell me absolutely anything. So, to be that person your sibling can count on, to call at the late hours of the night when something goes wrong because you’re the only one that knows everything about them, is something that should be of supreme importance to you. Ask them what’s going on, have sibling bonding time, be involved in their lives!



3. Learn to be honest

If there is a person that needs to be honest, it’s me, the sister. Let’s be real, not a lot of people can go up to their friends and be like, “Oh, your outfit looks horrible today” or “You’re not making the right decision.” That’s what you’re there for! As hard as it is, being honest with your siblings is one of the most important things. As well as being straight up with them so that they can be a better person or even wear a nicer outfit, it will instill in them the importance of being honest with you.


4. Listen first, then ask!

For me, when my sister comes to me for advice, the first thing I do is start making assumptions and rattle off ways to proceed. Yes, you do (or you should, at least) know your sibling the most, but that does not mean you know what’s wrong all the time. Listen to them speak so you can ask the right questions and advise them the right way. One of the hardest things for me with this is to not judge right away, so instead, listen! 




5. Just be “that person” and put family first

No matter what, everyone needs someone at times. Not everyone has someone they can turn to in every situation. As a sister, that’s your job. Learn to put your family first- be able to be there for your siblings when things go wrong. There’s not many people for whom I would drop anything I’m doing, other than my family members. Take pride in the fact that you have a best friend or set of best friends for life, and be willing to be THAT person for them at all times.