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5 TV Shows to Binge Watch Over Break

No college student is a stranger to the idea of binge watching TV series for days on end. We’ve all done it at least once, probably instead of a paper or studying for a midterm. Winter break is prime time for those of you who love to watch a series in one sitting. Her Campus has some great suggestions like Gilmore Girls and Friends but here are some others! The best part: all of these are complete series and on Netflix!

1. Friday Night Lights

If you have never seen it before then this is your perfect opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in a high school football culture and love it or if you think football is one of the most boring sports. You will inevitably fall in love with every character on the show. I mean, let’s be real: Eric Taylor, Tami Taylor, Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor make for perfection all on their own.

2. Psych

Mystery shows can sometimes be very stressful and hard to sit through. Psych brings together a wonderful combination of humor and very messy detective work to create an hour of perfection. Shawn and Gus’s antics are hard not to love and once you start watching you won’t stop rooting for Juliet and Shawn.

3. Orange Is the New Black

Enough said. You are missing out if you havn’t already binge watched this series. There is nothing bad about this show. 

4. Dawson’s Creek

You have probably already seen this series but this is one you really can’t get tired of. The never ending love triangle of Pacey, Joey and Dawson is  painful, sometimes ridiculous but completely lovable and addicting.

5. Greek

This show is a classic. It gave one perception of Greek life, which is not replicated at Brandeis at all. Putting aside all of the high expectations it set for us as we entered college you fall in love with the characters. Shows need good love triangles to succeed and this one has a winner. Cappy, Cassie and Evan is a gold mine of one-liners and drama. If you aren’t into the greek life experience it gives you, enjoy the characters and the relationships they build throughout the series.

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