4 Haircuts Curly Haired Women Should Try

Genetics graced me with the wonder and frustration that is curly hair.  I must admit, on the scale of 0-curly, my hair isn't that curly.  Nevertheless, I have definitely had my fair share of bad hair days. While I have come to accept and even love the fuzzy, tangly mess on top of my head, there are still times I want to shave it all off.  Whatever size and texture your curls may be, from loose and fine, to kinky and thick, you know the struggle.  One of the hardest things about growing up with curly hair was being told that my hair in its natural state was messy and unpresentable.  I was told to pull it back and up into braids, ponytails, etcetera.  Furthermore, I was told I couldn’t cut my hair too short becuase then it would be too poofy.  I was told I couldn’t have bangs becuase it would look bad.  I couldn’t have my hair too long either, becuase then it would be too tangly. As I got older, I was told I had to use fancy expesive products to make my hair look good and presentable.  All this policing of my hair made it difficult to accept my hair as it was.  Over the years, I’ve been inspired by curly haired women who proudly wear their hair with confidence and I've learned to ignore the critics and just let my hair be.  So, to all my curly haired friends out there who are defying or want to defy the rules of curly, here are four haircuts to spark your confidence and inspire you to be curly and proud. 

Modern Shag 

This layered cut is super trendy right now and works with a multitute of hair textures, including all kinds of curly! 

Triangle Pride 

I have to admit, I was pretty scarred when my mom cut my hair short for the first time when I was twelve and I was left with triangle shaped hair.  Seeing women embrace the triangle and turning it into a statement is awesome and kinda liberating.  

Short and Sweet 

Whoever says curly haird women can't have short hair is seriously lacking a sense of creativity. 

Halo of Curls 

There's nothing more angelic than a halo of luscious curls.