24 Hour Musical As Explained by Dogs

The 24 hour musical is one of the craziest Brandeis experiences, and many people have it on their list of things to do before graduation. However, it can be really difficult to explain to people what the 24 hours of madness are actually like. To help give people an idea, we decided to attempt an explanation with the most reliable resource known to man; dogs.

When you're anxiously waiting for them to announce the musical,


And they announce that its Seussical the Musical,

And you immediately start frantically trying to learn the songs,

And the dances…

And you tell yourself that you got this,

But then the first wave of exhaustion hits,

When you finally get to sleep for a couple hours,

But then you wake up at 6am more tired than you were before,

So you chug coffee,

When you get an hour break and you really want to sleep but you know that you should be doing homework,

When in places and you realize that you have no idea what you are doing,

But you just follow what other people are doing and have a blast on stage anyway,

And then you finally get into bed after 24 hours of crazy fun madness.

All GIFs courtesy of GIPHY https://giphy.com/