2014 Senior Class Gift

What? We have a senior gift? What is it? MONEY.

That’s right, seniors don’t need to give the campus a fancy bench or a new set of speakers in the SCC. This year, like the seniors before them, they will be donating money to our campus. I sat down with one of the chairs of the Senior Gift Committee, Avi Fuld, to get the details on how graduating seniors can keep on giving even after commencement.

How does this work?

The Senior Gift Committee, headed this year by Avi Fuld, Andre Tran, David Clements and Shira Almeleh, coordinates several events to celebrate seniors and their last months on campus.  Some of these were Senior Bar Night and 100 Days Until Graduation. The chairs select individual seniors to be on the committee to broaden their network and help plan, execute and celebrate these events. During the events, the Senior Gift Committee members are somewhere collecting donations from seniors.

Now, you don’t have to go these events to donate, you can donate online as well. Just click here.

Where does this money go?

The money can go wherever you want it to go. It is a completely liquid, non-endowment fund. You can donate to the Annual Fund, which aids in the cost of things like the Bran Van, Academic Services, Maintenance, etc., or you can donate to a group of your choice. Donations given to the general scholarship are just that, money to help increase students’ scholarships. Or if you feel like you want to pay back a specific group that helped you, you can donate to them. This means you can direct your donation to groups like POSSE, Waltham Group, Student Union etc..

How much should you donate?

It really is up to you. You can donate just a dollar if you want. However, the bigger the better and the more you are paying it forward to your peers. We benefited from the senior gifts before us, so why not help out for the students to come? This year, the committee members are suggesting that you give at least $20.14, get it?! If you donate more though, you are in for a super treat.

Seniors who donate $100 or more, will be included in the Justice Brandeis Society, an elite group that holds special events all over the country for Brandeis Alums to network. You can pay in installments as well if you don’t want to break the bank. All donations do need to be in by June 1st, the end of Brandeis’s fiscal year.

So show your class pride and appreciation for the best four years and give a little!