10 Tips for Traveling on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the greatest time of the year. Family, football, friends, food, what more could you ask for? However, there is one part of Thanksgiving that can ruin the entire experience, and that is…THANKSGIVING TRAVEL. In honor of all those who are traveling far and wide this season, here are Her Campus’ Terrific Thanksgiving Travel Tips.

1.     Roll your clothes to ensure a roomy suitcase. While you are at it, pack basics- with comfy dresses and pants, you can’t go wrong. 

2.     Carry-on!!! I cannot stress this enough. Make sure to bring a carry-on because it will make check in faster, take away another trip charge, and you can go home faster without waiting for your luggage!

3.     Get to the airport early. That is key. You do NOT want to wait in line.

4.     Dress comfy for the plane. While you may want to impress your parents with your increased college style, comfy is always better for those plane, train, or car rides. The more basic, the better. 

5.     Try to get work done on the plane so you can focus on being with family and friends when you're home. 

6.     Fun fact: airplanes dehydrate you. Make sure you drink enough water.

7.     On the way back home, sleep on the plane so you can get adjusted to the time zone. 

8.     Make sure to download or rent movies and TV shows before hand so you don’t have to use money for wi-fi. 

9.     Bring Purell. Germs suck. Also, another tip is to put vaseline on the edges of your nose to prevent more germs from coming in. 

10.  Be aware of leaving bags unattended and keep track of your stuff. If you see something, say something. Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year and suspicious characters are always lurking around…it’s probably someone’s uncle.