10 Things You Need to Survive Dorm Life

A Sleep Mask

There will be nights when your roommates decide to pull an all-nighter study session but you’re completely exhausted and know you need your beauty sleep for that morning class tomorrow. Don’t let them keep you up! Put on a sleep mask and blissfully ignore the blinding fluorescent lights on the ceiling.​


A Bathrobe

Communal bathrooms are a fact of life when you’re living in a college dorm. Unless you shower in the afternoon, people are almost always going to be in the bathroom too. To avoid flashing everyone as you’re coming out of the shower, slip into a bathrobe for a cute and cozy way to dry off!


Shower Shoes

You never know what you’re stepping in when it comes to shared bathrooms. From questionable puddles to your own miniature version of the Massell Pond, the bathroom floor will always be wet. Save your feet by investing in a pair of flip-flops, at the very least.


Air Freshener

You never know when you might need it. From mildewy hall carpets to your roommate’s (or yours!) week-old leftovers in the trash, a little air freshener can save the day and help prevent that musty smell from sticking around.


Paper Towels

Don’t cry over spilled milk... or spilled anything for that matter. If you’re clumsy like me, you know that disaster can strike at any time! Stock up on paper towels and avoid ruining your notes next time you forget to pay attention while pouring yourself a drink.


Power Strip

There will never be enough power outlets in the room for all of your fancy gadgets. Add in a phone, a lamp, string lights, a laptop, and suddenly, the outlet is full. Whose turn is it to charge their phone again? Save yourself the trouble of figuring out those logistics.



Pro Tip: Don’t spend $20 printing out that report at the library when you can print it out in your own room for free! Not convenient for you to lug a giant printer on the plane? No problem! Just ask a friend or roommate if they’re willing to bring one to share.



Staying hydrated is incredibly important in college life, especially during the hot summer months. A hydro flask makes refilling easy and fast so you’ll always have access to refreshing cold water.


Something From Home

Let’s face it. As exciting as college is, homesickness is very real and can be jarring at times. It helps to bring a few things that remind you of home, whether they are family photos, a stuffed animal, your favorite herbal tea that mom always made, or all of the above. They can keep you company after hours when it’s too late to call home.


When your only options around campus are the same old dining halls and fast food, it makes sense to crave something different than what your meal plan covers. Stock up on snacks in your dorm or even ingredients for your favorite meals to cook over the weekend!


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