10 Things We Learned from the Mr. Brandeis Pageant

This past week Relay for Life and Student Events hosted this year's Mr. Brandeis. Not only did we see a lot of skin this year, but much more was revealed. Read on to see what Mr. Brandeis 2014 taught us!

1.  Joe Robinow (winner winner chicken dinner) likes it when you throw things in his face, preferable white and sugary (ew get your mind out of the gutter, I’m just talking about the whip cream).

2.  Max Berner sang his own version of John Legend’s “Ordinary People” and it was no ordinary performance.

3. Brian Levy seemed to have an itch in between his legs, demonstrated by his constant pelvic thrusts. 

4. Joe Graffy can frollick with ribbons like a true Olympian.

5. Felix Kiu is Justin Bieber.

6. Hosts Ethan Bercelli and Madeline Stein can talk their way out of any awkward situation, including constestants stripping naked during Q & A. 

7. Boys look sharp in false wooden teeth and colonial wigs. 

8. Ryan Molloy can do a mean Cher, buttcheak and all.

9. Grady Ward is not afraid of his feminine side especially during the cha cha cha.

10. Joe Robinow looks fabulous in a crown!