10 Signs You’re From New Jersey

If you’re like me, a fellow Jerseyan, you always maintain your pride in your state…even when it is consistently referred to as the armpit of America. Here are some signs that you’re from New Jersey:


1. No matter what, you think your bagels are better than everyone else’s (that Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, though).


2. You know it’s not New Jersey…it’s Jersey.


3. You’re not afraid to unleash your inner Jersey on anyone.


4. You laugh at people who have to pump their own gas.


5. You automatically hate everyone who mocks you and says "Joisey"…


6. …and claims that you’ve met Snooki.


7. You don’t say what town you’re from. Rather, you’re either from North, Central, South Jersey, or the Jersey Shore.


8.     You are very well aware of the fact that the Real Housewives of New Jersey have created SUCH a good name for us.


9. You refer to New York City as “the City.”


10. You will always be proud to be from New Jersey.