From "Zoomversity" Back to In-Person Anxiety

After having “Zoomversity” for over a year now, I have gotten used to waking up five minutes before class, logging onto my computer, and joining Zoom or Google Meet, right on the dot of class time.  Sometimes, I just let the sound play in the background while getting ready for the day or making breakfast. It’s called multitasking (kind of).

The time has now come to where the COVID vaccine is out, and multiple people have gotten the vaccine and we can, hopefully, go back to somewhat normal. Next semester, Bradley is going back to full in-person classes with the possibility of some restrictions depending on how the summer will be.

Do I have anxiety about going back in person? Yes.

Even before COVID, I would get anxious in a class. To speak up, raise my hand or shout my answer aloud was not my forte. However, having some classes last semester in-person and having complete online courses this semester, I have been able to speak more in class. I think that’s because in the classes I had in-person, there were no more than 15 classmates and we were all spread out for social distancing. Being online, no one cares when people talk and I just think that silence is awkward. 

Although I am anxious for next semester, I am excited and ready to experience college the way everyone talks about when coming to college. I started in community college and it was like high school still, but with fewer hours. Then I came to Bradley University while in a pandemic where students got fined for going out to eat and where I only had two classes in-person since I have been here.

Hopefully, when the fall semester comes and the pandemic is at least somewhat handled, I will get that college experience. I will have an easier time meeting people, finishing assignments and getting more involved within the school. For now, I will continue to do what I do best on “Zoomversity” and get ready for a great summer!