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Many people love looking at their zodiac signs‘ meanings, horoscopes and more. But have you ever thought of which dog breed is the most similar to your sign? Well, here is your answer!

Aries – Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is one of the most common dogs in America. They are strong, they love to hunt, they’re intelligent, they are confident and friendly. Similarly, Aries is well known for being bold, ambitious and go headfirst into challenges thrown at them.

Taurus – Havanese
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The Havanese represent Tauruses well because they make really good city dogs due to their laid-back, gentle, and kind personalities. They love to relax with their owners and are very eager to please. Taurus are similar in that they enjoy soothing and relaxing scenes and also desire social stability.

Gemini – Labrador Retriever

Labradors are also very common in the United States. They can portray Geminis well because they are very social, intelligent, trusting and outgoing dogs who love almost everyone around them. Geminis are also very social individuals with a lot of ambition and friends around them.

Cancer – Greyhound

The Greyhound has a very stand-off personality, but once they get to know you, they are very sweet, kind, loving and intuitive. Similar to this breed, Cancers can be seen as reserved when you first meet them, but open up and become very gentle and kind when they become comfortable.

Leo – Boston terrier

The Boston Terrier is a hyper, attention-seeking dog, who is seen as very social, fun and loving to their families. Leos tend to be passionate, theatrical and can have a lot of positive energy. Leos also portray leadership abilities and a drive to accomplish their goals.

virgo – german shepherd

German Shepherds are often seen as police dogs because they show confidence, courage and are very intelligent. They can represent Libras well because the breed is very sweet, gentle and are eager to please. Virgos are logical, practical and systematic, but are kind and sympathetic towards others.

libra – cockerspaniel

The Cocker Spaniel represents Libras because the breed is quiet, calm and loving to their families. They are highly trainable and are good-natured. We can see these traits in Libras because they are balanced and try to have harmony in their daily lives, but are also extroverted and loving individuals.

scorpio – mastiff

Scorpios are often seen as passionate, strong and emotional individuals, so Mastiffs represent this sign well. Mastiffs are protective, courageous, dignified and are very calm dogs. They are great, lovable companions and are very sociable around others.

sagittarius – great dane

Great Danes have always been large, strong dogs that often act as guard dogs for their owners. This is because they very devoted, confident and act as though they aren’t afraid of anything. They represent the Sagittarius sign because these individuals have thrill-seeking, confident, fun and loyal personalities.

capricorn – saint bernard

Saint Bernards are very fluffy, large dogs that show traits such as being watchful, friendly, calm and gentle. In addition, they are seen as showing liveliness within their lifetime. Capricorns have similar traits because they are usually focused, strong-minded, but also show optimism and playfulness.

aquarius – dalmatian

The Dalmatian is very fun and eccentric around their families, but they can be mischievous and love to do things they aren’t supposed to when no one is watching. Similarly, Aquariuses tend to be free-spirited, humanitarians and rebels-at-heart. This sign can also show traits such as optimism, fun and enthusiasm.

pisces – beagle

Beagles are owned by many due to their determination, even temperedness and gentleness around others. They can be easily excitable and show much intelligence as well. The Pisces are similar in the sense that they tend to be very compassionate, empathetic and emotional individuals throughout their lives.

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