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Young & Free: Spring Break Edition

Spring Break is around the corner, and I don’t know about everyone else, but my mind is already in vacation mode. I find myself daydreaming about being somewhere tropical during most of my classes. 

I always have mixed feelings about Spring Break because although it’s short, it’s a break that is well needed. 

During Spring Break, the sun is slowly approaching and that means impulsive decisions will start to creep in. So, let’s discuss a few decisions you shouldn’t be ashamed about.

Spring Break is the perfect time to get a bold tattoo or piercing. I don’t know why I always feel like I’m turning over a new leaf when break comes around. Two years ago around this time, I got my second tattoo. It’s a moon and sun combined that symbolizes “through the dark nights, there are brighter days.” It’s my favorite one thus far, and I have no regrets about getting it. I am currently contemplating getting my nose pierced, so maybe that will be a Spring Break decision this year. 

This is also the perfect time to try out different hair colors. I used to love experimenting with hair colors. I’m more of a light brown or blonde type now, but the old me would go for the boldest colors. I’ve had gray, blue and a dark red before! I always suggest trying a new hair color because it helps push you out of your comfort zone. 

This next impulsive decision is to take a last-minute road trip. Road trips are a little cheaper, especially if you are going to do it at the last minute. I think it’s a fun way to explore a new state without the pressure of packing, creating an itinerary or other burdens you have to deal with for a luxury trip. My roommates and I have talked about going to Cedar Point for the past year. We haven’t made it there yet, so we’ll see if we can get it together this year. 

Spring Break is also full of concerts, so go crash one (not literally). Go see an artist you don’t know about. Sometimes those concerts can turn out to be the best experience, especially if there are good vibes. Also, no one knows you there, so you can make random decisions without judgment. 

The moral of this is that we are young, we should be enjoying life. We can’t always stress over things that are not in our control. So make some impulsive decisions over break, and don’t beat yourself up over it!

Kianna Goss

Bradley U '22

Hi my name is Kianna, I am a journalism major with a double minor in sociology and advertising with public relations. I enjoy creative writing, traveling, and trying out new recipes.
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