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What to do When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day when you’re single can feel oddly lonely. It’s a day where romantic relationships are displayed everywhere you look, and FOMO happens even to people who are happily single. I’m not going to say that you shouldn’t feel that way (because who wouldn’t want free gifts) but there are ways that you can make Valentine’s Day special just for yourself.

Self-Care Spa Day

Bring out the sheet masks, relaxing music and body scrub – bonus points if you sit in a hot bubble bath too. You can read sappy romance novels or turn on a rom-com. Forgetting that relationships even exist is also a valid option, just enjoy the time you have with yourself!

Date Night for One (or more if some friends join)

Make the recipe you’ve been dying to try or cook your favorite “special occasion” meal! You can hang out with your fellow single friends too and make dinner together. It’s important to set time aside for yourself even when you’re having a busier week. If you’d make room in your schedule for a date with someone else, then make room for a date with yourself! Celebrating yourself can go a long way in bringing more enjoyment into your life, so make dinner and be proud of it!


Here’s the sign you’ve been looking for to treat yourself. Get your nails done, buy the thing you’ve been wanting for a year, dye your hair the color you’re dreaming of, or order takeout from that expensive restaurant you’ve been eyeing up. This is your day, and you dictate how it’ll be celebrated!

Send Love to Others

You (and a few friends if you’d like) can make Valentine’s Day cards for your local nursing home. Many elderly people no longer have a partner to celebrate with, and it would cheer them up to receive a sign of love. You could also spend the day volunteering somewhere in your community or go through your closet and donate some clothes you no longer wear.

What NOT to do: Over Analyze Relationships You See on Social Media

We all put the best version of ourselves online, it’s inevitable – why would we want to show the bad? The same goes for relationships. You never truly know how any couple is beyond the front that they display on social media. If you would like to be in a relationship, it’s totally fine to see certain things and wish that for yourself, just make sure to remember there is more to it than what anyone shows.

Overall, this Valentine’s Day do what makes you happy. Relax at a home spa, cook a nice meal, spend lots of money, or help others. Celebrate self-love during the love-oriented holiday.

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