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The Top 10 Places to Visit in Dublin

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.
The Kilmainham Gaol

The Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin was absolutely a great site to see because it holds amazing history within its walls. While touring, you learn all about the building. The closing and reopening of the jail allow it to represent Ireland’s journey to independence. The Kilmainham Gaol has held thousands of men and women, for anything from very minor offenses to some of the worst crimes in Irish history. The tour provides you with many stories. A story that best encapsulates all the emotions within the walls, is about a man who was about to be executed, so he married his fiance just hours before in the Gaol’s chapel. A sad story, but one that allows you to connect to you the history of this building.

Trinity College

Trinity College is an iconic landmark with cobblestone roads, the longest single-chamber library in the world that holds the Book of Kells (the finest illuminated manuscript in the world), and beautiful greenery that makes reading a book so much better. The college was founded in 1592; it receives 500,000 visitors a year, many of which are able to stay overnight in the dorm rooms! Trinity holds many events and festivals throughout the year that the public is able to enjoy.

Christ Church

Christ Church is a beautiful landmark in Dublin that is absolutely a site to see. Even if you just make sure to walk by and take a look at the exterior views, it is worth it! Christ Church was founded in the 11th century by Vikings themselves. The history around this church is extensive and fascinating, but one fun fact worth mentioning is, a cat ran a mouse into an organ pipe inside Christ Church. The cat and mouse are now displayed, mummified for visitors to see.

The Guinness Storehouse

The Guinness Storehouse is super fun, and actually very educational! You get to learn about how the famous beer is brewed and how their advertisements changed throughout the years. Each floor is different, some have tastings, some have videos, and my favorite, the top floor provides you with a free glass of Guinness, right from the source! Not to mention, the view is breathtaking.

The National Museum of Ireland

If you’re looking to learn more about Ireland’s ancient history, then the National Museum of Ireland has to be on your list. This museum shows the first Irish colonizations and their artifacts. My favorite thing to learn about was the bog bodies, found after thousands of years, mummified and preserved so well that you can see their fingernails and hair.

The Temple Bar Area

A night out should definitely lead you to the Temple Bar Area. This contains not only the famous Temple Bar but many other restaurants worth trying. It is very fun to explore yourself, but a few places that stuck in my mind were, Darkey Kelly’s (a pub with live music and delicious food) and Bad Bob’s (a restaurant that turns into a nightclub). The party doesn’t stop until three or four in the morning, so there is more than enough time to hit up all the can’t-miss locations.

The Porterhouse

The Porterhouse is another pub that has great food and great drinks. They have a very large selection of beers and ciders that you can try. They also have game nights, where you can win tickets for free drinks! We specifically played bingo, and it ended with a whole dance battle. It is worth a visit if you have a free night.

St. Stephens Green and Botanic Garden

Dublin is a city but is full of amazing parks to walk around on a nice day. My favorite park was St. Stephens Green Park because there were multiple ponds and benches, with a peaceful atmosphere. Dublin’s National Botanic Garden is also worth mentioning because it’s free and has so many different areas to enjoy with your friends. They even have very friendly squirrels that will come and lick your hand!

Murphey’s Ice Cream

If you have a sweet tooth, then you should absolutely check out Murphey’s Ice Cream. Their flavors are very unique such as chocolate whiskey or Irish brown bread. They may sound weird, but take my work for it, they’re all delicious. The ice cream is made locally and naturally, which makes it even better!

Fitzgerald’s Pub

Finally, Fitzgerald’s Pub is another great place to have fun at night. There are five floors, the top being a relaxing rooftop bar and the basement being a nightclub. If you get bored with one floor, then you can move on to the next to make your night interesting! The atmosphere was very inviting, and we met people from all over Europe while visiting Dublin.

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