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The Unhoneymooners: A Romantic Comedy Novel Even Romance Haters Love

Enemies to lovers? Check.

One bed? Check.

Fake relationship? Check.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren has it all and I am 100% here for it. 

Typically my go-to book is fantasy or real life, not romance. In fact, the one thing I dislike the most in the world is romantic comedy movies. However,  I am in awe and in love with Lauren’s book. 

The Unhoneymooners is chock full of spicy romance, sarcastic comments, diverse main characters and lots and lots of cliche romantic comedy moments. 

The story follows the main character, Olive Torres, in her wild adventure with her sister’s fiance’s brother, Ethan Thomas, as they try and pretend to be a married couple in order to use their siblings’ free honeymoon perks in Hawaii. This wacky, romantic adventure is all thanks to a bad seafood buffet that was served at the wedding. 

Ethan Thomas (in my opinion) is one of the best sarcastic love interests that you will ever read about. From his cheeky comments to his kind gestures to Olive, you will never find a more book-worthy boyfriend. 

Olive is also one of the best main characters I have ever gotten the pleasure of reading about. She is from a large Mexican family and has beautiful curves instead of the stereotypical main character that other romantic comedy books have. She’s quirky and, like Ethan, has some of the best one-liners. 

The Unhoneymooners is a fade to black romance book which means there are mentions of sex but not full descriptions of the actions. 

One of my favorite moments in the book is on a boat and a changing room. I won’t say much to avoid spoilers but the laughter that filled the room I was reading in lasted for hours. 

The tension between Olive and Ethan is to die for. They are the perfect example of enemies to lovers with their long lasting conflict that started through a misunderstanding between the two.

However, no good romantic novel would be set without a major conflict between the two characters, and wow did Olive and Ethan’s make me angry.

I was rooting for Olive the entire time because of how mad Ethan made me at some points in the story.

But don’t worry, our favorite romantic comedy boy redeems himself through a gigantic romantic gesture that made my heart absolutely melt.

The spark that the two of them have is electrifying and makes my heart skip a few beats every time a certain romantic plot happens. 

If you are looking for an easy read with lots of cheesy romance, this is the book for you! It must be good considering that someone who hates romantic comedies is in love with the book. 

Madalyn is an aspiring television arts major who wants to make documentaries in her future. In her free time she loves writing. Her writing ranges from short stories to fun journal entries. She joined Her Campus as an outlet to share her stories and write about different issues in a free and accepting space.
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