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The Scoop on “Bachelor In Paradise”

This article may contain spoilers if you are not caught up!

“Bachelor In Paradise” (BIP) is another part of ABC’s “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” franchise. However, “Bachelor in Paradise” is a little different because there is multiple people of each gender instead of the normal Bachelor or Bachelorette.

This season of BIP has been “the most dramatic season yet,” as it has included rumors of already-together couples, an ex-returning, getting dates stolen and special guests popping up. Here are some of the most dramatic storylines from this season of BIP:

1. Brendan Morais and Pieper James

This couple has taken the hardest hit since Pieper James arrived on BIP. Pieper and Brendan Morais hit it off perfectly when Pieper came. Because of this, there was talk at the beginning of this season that Brendan and Pieper had talked and hung out with each other (as a couple) before the show.

Brendan started talking to Natasha Parker once they hit it off at the beginning of the season. The two seemed to be getting along well and tried to make an effort for the relationship. That’s until Pieper showed up and turned it all upside down.

This led to a significant confrontation with the new couple and, well, everyone else on the beach. But, of course, no one wanted them on the beach since they’ve been a couple before the season.

Last episode, Joe Amabile (another man on the beach), Natasha, and a few other girls confronted the two of them after hearing about what had happened before they both arrived on the beach. This conversation led the two to leave the beach that night together.

2. Karl Smith and Chasen Nick

This little “brawl” was a silly part of the show that ended in a table turn.

Deandra Kanu, a contestant on the show, had a love triangle with Karl Smith (who reminds me of someone who always wants a hug) and Chasen Nick. It all started when Karl decided to give Deandra a bracelet. Chasen saw that as a threat and gave Deandra a reasonably large diamond necklace.

These two men buying her jewelry thought it would be a chance to win her heart. But at the rose ceremony, Deandra changed the night’s tone by giving Ivan Hall her rose.

That’s how you do it, girl.

3. Kenny Braasch and All the girls

Kenny Braasch is a popular one on the beach because, I mean, he is a good-looking man. Unfortunately, this has caused him to be in a four-person love triangle. It first started with Mari Pepin, as they hit it off in the beginning. Then Demi Burnett arrived. At first, Demi was going for Brendan Morais, but that ended quickly. So, she decided to go after Kenny when Mari chose to take a break from him to be open to other conversations.

This didn’t turn out great because Mari felt that Demi went behind her back to steal Kenny. This was a whole episode in itself, because when Mari felt ashamed of her choice to “break up” with Kenny, she went crazy and decided to throw Demi’s cake that she made for Kenny in the fire.

Then Tia Booth showed up on the beach, took Kenny on a date, and played naked sand volleyball.

In short, Kenny was in a love triangle with three women, and he didn’t know what to do. However, Mari decided to confess to Kenny one night about her feelings, and now the two are back together :)

4. Thomas Jacobs and Aaron Clancy

Thomas Jacobs and Aaron Clancy go back to Katie’s season of “The Bachelorette.” The two men started having beef when Aaron called out Thomas for not being on “The Bachelorette” for the right reasons because he wanted the chance to be the following year’s Bachelor. This made Katie send Thomas home the night of a rose ceremony.

In this season of BIP, Aaron still has this childish drama with Thomas to the point where he constantly talked about how he’s not here for the right reasons. The drama started again when Thomas asked Tammy Ly, who was already talking to Aaron, on a date. This didn’t make Aaron happy and due to this, he, Tammy, and Thomas all were stuck together.

Tammy had more of a fascination with Thomas and ditched Aaron after getting told that she would regret staying with Thomas. And well, Aaron was right. Thomas then met Becca Kufrin. They hit it off, and this action made Tammy go home that night.

There have been a lot more events in the eight episodes, but these four are the top talk. People have left and arrived, and are now getting more serious day by day. Yet, the season isn’t entirely done, so we will see what happens next.

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