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The Coffee Company Everyone Should Know About

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Have you ever had a restaurant or fast food experience that left you saying, “Wow, everyone here is just so nice and cool?” That’s what everyday is like going to a Dutch Bros. 

Dutch Bros Coffee was founded in 1992 by two brothers, Dane and Travis Boersma. What sets Dutch Bros apart from any other coffee chain is their amazing service and mouth-watering coffee. For me, Dutch Bros is more than just a coffee company. They’ve always been a connection to a community of people I love. Dutch Bros, although a chain, is still largely based on the west coast. Being from Illinois, I definitely don’t get to have the iced “Annihilator” as much as I’d like, but whenever I go to Oregon to visit my extended family, we like to take trips to Dutch Bros and find somewhere to sit and catch up. One could say it’s even part of the airport pick-up tradition. It’s the first thing I do with my family. 

Even though I don’t live near a Dutch Bros, I’ve been more times than I can count, and never once have I had a bad experience. When you get to the window to pick up your order, you are met with friendly people who seem to genuinely care about your day. On top of that, they give you free branded stickers! Are you kidding me?! And whoever designs those stickers needs a raise because they are the coolest stickers you’ll ever see. My aunt has a huge collection of stickers that she keeps just for her niece that lives in the midwest.

On top of having amazing people working there, Dutch Bros also has extremely fast service. If you’re ever running late, they’re the coffee shop to go to. The workers move like they were shot directly with adrenaline, but it might also be the “9-1-1”, Dutch Bros’ six-shot coffee. One look at their menu is enough to feel out their incredible vibes. Their coffee drinks have names such as “Kicker”, “Caramelizar”, “Annihilator”, “Cocomo”, “Double Torture”, “9-1-1”, and “Golden Eagle”.

Not only does Dutch Bros ensure the community can make it through their long work shifts with amazing coffee, they also support the community in many other ways. One of their biggest initiatives is “Dutch Luv Day”, a day in February where they donate a whole dollar from every drink order to local organizations working to fight against food insecurity in the community. 

All in all, Dutch Bros is a great company everyone should know about, regardless of living on the west coast or not. Dutch Bros is continually expanding and opening up new locations, so keep an eye out and if you’re lucky enough to have one pop up near you, give it a try! You won’t regret it!

Bradley University Public Relations/Advertising and Spanish major graduating in May 2022. In the free time I have, I love reading, writing, and drinking a good cup of coffee.
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