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Simple Fall Activities For the Girls

Fall is in the air and it is probably one of the best seasons. It’s hoodie, spooky, and cuddle season, and time for activities that get you in the spirit for Thanksgiving or Halloween. It is time for your family, friends and loved ones to get together and enjoy quality time together away from work, school and stress. Typically during times like this, we spend a lot of time with family and loved ones. You always have to make time for your girlfriends too! Here is a list of simple things to do with you and your girls that can work around everyone’s schedules.

Head to a pumpkin patch

Take a trip and book some tickets to a pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch, you can play some fun games or even pick some pumpkins to take home to carve, decorate, or even bake a pumpkin pie. The scenery at any pumpkin patch is a fall overload, so you know what that means: Instagram pictures! Take group pictures of you and your girlfriends and even some of yourself. 

Pumpkin Patch

Enjoy a hikE

During the fall it can be chilly or just the perfect temperature. Take this as an advantage and get some physical activity in. The trees have different color leaves and they are falling. The air is fresh and brisk, so this is the perfect time to get fresh air and enjoy the fall weather. You can even suggest your friends bring their pets along to make it even more fun!

Apple Picking

Apple picking can be a friend or family activity. If you and your girlfriends go, pick some apples, take them home, back a good apple pie, and enjoy it with a good side of apple cider. There are many other recipes you can do to use up these apples such as a fruit salad, apple cobbler, and some warm apple cinnamon bread. Apple picking is fun when everyone is contributing and you can even take this as an opportunity to take even more pictures of you and your girlfriends.


If someone has a fire pit in their backyard, enjoy it on these chilly days. Turn on some music and make some s’mores. The best part of bonfires is bringing everyone blankets to get warm and helping each other make s’mores. You can tell stories, jokes and even have some fun snacks to eat.

Cozy Day In

Sometimes it gets too chilly and not everyone wants to be outside in this weather. That’s okay because there are many activities to do inside that will keep you warm and cozy. Starting off with a warm cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows in Halloween-themed cups. You can drink them while watching a scary movie or playing board or card games. There are many board and card games for you and your girlfriends such as For the Girls, Jenga, Never Have I Ever, Uno and Dominos.


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