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You always appear on my screen

You made me feel like I just want to scream

Every time I see your name

It reminds me that you are mine.

You are the most precious gift that I have received

You are the one that makes me feel relieved

I’ve never felt this good before

It’s like you never made me bore.

I wish I can talk to you in person anytime

I wish I can be with you at any time

I wish I can see you everywhere

But I can’t find you anywhere.

I thought I can feel your warm hands

But I was wrong and I can only see you in far at a glance

I thought I can feel your warm hugs just like any other lovers

But you are too far away that I need to suffer.

I have always wanted to meet you

I have always wanted to be with you

But you are like a fictional character that doesn’t seem to exist

And I hope that the end will be different like a twist

I want you to know that my feelings for you was true

Even though we became together online out of a blue

And I hope that we will see each other as the time passes by

But if not, I guess that will be my goodbye.

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Rose Marie Godoy

Bradley U '25

Freshman. From Montgomery,IL. Major in Computer Science. Likes to write poem.
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