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National Mason Jar Day

Every day is a special day when something’s celebrated nationally, whether it’s a big or small topic – like Mason Jars. Mason Jars are versatile objects that you can use for anything. So to kick off National Mason Jar Day, here are a few examples on how you can use them.

Overnight Oats

Overnight oats is an easy recipe for anyone to enjoy. The recipes consist of oats, milk or water, and different toppings for flavor. Some recipes are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Blueberry Pie and Banana Bread oats.

These recipes are an easy and quick meal to have in the morning, because well, you can eat it cold or heat it up and no other dishes are involved.

An Aesthetic Look

Mason Jars can also be used just for an aesthetically pleasing look in your organization. One way to add a neater look with Mason Jars is using them as storage containers or Tupperware. Instead of putting your washed fruit in an ugly, used Tupperware bowl, add a cute look to your refrigerator with the use of Mason Jars.

Other than using it as Tupperware, you can also use it for dry food or spices. For example, flour, sugar, coffee, Thyme and whatever else your heart desires.

Adding Mason Jars to your pantry, on the counter or in your refrigerator can add that aesthetic touch that everyone wants in their homes.

Home Decor

Who doesn’t love home decor? Mason Jars can become a decoration set for all-year-round or specific holidays.

With Christmas approaching, you can make a Christmas-themed Mason Jar package by painting Christmas trees, presents, or really whatever can be Christmas-themed. If you want all-year-round decorations, you can make flower pots and candles out of Mason Jars and paint them with chalk paint to match your home’s aesthetic. So many options!

Also, Mason Jar decor can come as great gifts for loved ones! I love to give out hand-crafted gifts to my mom, and if you don’t have any ideas to buy someone, I am sure they will love a gift made from you.

“Fancy” Glassware

No wine glasses? No problem. Using Mason Jars as wine glasses or for Margaritas can be easy and cute. Plus, everyone will have a lid, so no spillage!

You can also use Mason Jars for other drinks like water, iced coffee, Matcha and so much more. In addition, it leaves you the choice to paint your design on each jar. Which, thinking about that, can be fun for kids to paint their cups.

Mason Jars have so much more they can be used for than just the four ideas I listed above. You can find Mason Jars at most places like Walmart, Target, Micheals Craft store and online. So have fun with these ideas and go crazy!

Anna Brandon

Bradley U '22

Hi! I am Anna and a senior at Bradley University. I am a journalism major and a professional writing minor. I am a contributor to the Bradley Scout as well. I have always been a writer and a storyteller; I can’t wait to have what I love as my career. Besides writing, I like to paint, work out, and watch crime shows. 
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