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My Favorite Tradition: Porch Talks

You know those nights where you and your friend sit and talk about everything and anything that goes on in your life and you tell them your deepest, darkest secrets? The feeling of closeness and relief, knowing that you can trust them with your life, is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

Luckily, I will never have to stop feeling those emotions throughout my entire life. Let me introduce you to one of my favorite traditions, me and one of my closest friends, Frankie, have started Porch Talks.

The way the title and the talks came about started one night when I received a phone call after a long day of junior year. I had an awful day that was filled with stress and almost failed tests and I was complaining about it on my private story in typical teenage fashion. 

In the midst of my long rant, Frankie had driven over to my house to surprise me with a note and someone to rant to. The call consisted of her simply asking me if I was home and when I said yes, she just told me to head out to the driveway. 

When I got there, she handed me the letter and we just sat on the driveway while I read through it. After I was finished reading, we just started talking about school and how much we both hated one of our classes. 

I’m assuming that when my neighbors drove past they assumed that we were close friends who had known each other for ages but that wasn’t the case with us. In fact, we had met the year before in a sophomore Spanish class. We would hang out in groups and see each other at parties but we were never that close, at least not until that night.

After that night, our talks switched from surface-level topics like school and homework to our fears and hopes for our future. It solidified our friendship once and for all. That night I knew I could trust her with any secret I had and she could do the same with me. 

The talks slowly turned into Frankie asking if I was home or me asking if she just wanted to talk during the night. When Frankie would come over, we would sit on the two chairs on the front porch which almost seemed like they were made for all of our deep talks. 

Now you see where we got the name Porch Talks from. The two white chairs seated in front of our house that overlooked the neighborhood and the street that was made for dancing late at night (which we did once).

Porch Talks became a monthly tradition for us to talk about life with someone we could trust the most in the world.

College has unfortunately put a hold on our talks but I know that when we get to actually see each other in person during one of our breaks the porch talk will be as amazing as the last one was. But for now we have to keep studying at our respective colleges, Bradley University and NYU. 

Until the next porch talk pal, see you soon.

Madalyn is an aspiring television arts major who wants to make documentaries in her future. In her free time she loves writing. Her writing ranges from short stories to fun journal entries. She joined Her Campus as an outlet to share her stories and write about different issues in a free and accepting space.
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