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Take your pills- Documentary

This documentary addresses the Adderall usage in college students all over the nation today. It discusses this issue with current or former students who are prescribed Adderall, and also those who don’t have a prescription and find other ways to go about buying this drug. Watching this documentary was the first time I had really invested time into learning about this issue, and I found it very interesting. I would highly recommend watching this to anyone, but especially to current college students.

CHeer- docuseries

In this series, you are taken on the journey of two competitive, collegiate cheerleading teams throughout their competition seasons. You learn all about the competition and judging aspects of the sport (and after watching this series, you’ll definitely view it as a sport). This show is one of my favorite casual viewing options in general. I find it very entertaining. You get to dive into the backgrounds of individual athletes and coaches and see them perform in extremely impressive ways.

leah Remini: scientology & the aftermath-docuseries

Leah Remini truly takes the time to educate us on Scientology and all of its harmful aspects with this series. Being a former Scientologist herself, this is clearly a personal topic for her along with many others. Leah sits down with former Scientologists and simply discusses the culture of this religion. She sheds light on many issues with the aforementioned culture in this series. It is a good option for casual viewing, but it does have a slightly darker tone.

britney vs spears-documentary

The focus of this film is one that has been very relevant to the youth of Gen-z and Millennials alike. This documentary truly does so much to educate the public on and bring justice to one of America’s most famous pop stars of the century: Britney Spears. It takes viewers through Britney’s life by explaining the many injustices she has faced. It really is a heartbreaking film in some ways, but this topic is an important one in my eyes. If you really enjoy a good pop culture piece with some scandal, this is the one for you.

Fyre: the greatest party thet never happened- documentary

If you haven’t heard of the scandal of the Fyre Festival, I implore you to watch this documentary. It follows the process of “planning” and “executing” this failed event. From the perspective of employees and guests, it is quite an interesting story. It’s great for casual viewing, but it does educate viewers on this event. It’s yet another scandalous option if that’s for you.

Seaspiracy- Documentary

All the environmentally concerned individuals will LOVE this one. It dives into ocean pollution issues today. We’ve all heard the requests to reduce single-use plastics in our daily life, but we never really hear about the other issues going on in our oceans. This film left me with the desire to research this topic more; I learned so much new information. I would absolutely recommend this for anyone who is interested in ocean pollution, and even for those who are into conspiracies. This one will definitely leave you wanting more.

Happy viewing, and I hope you all enjoy :)

Sidenote: Stay tuned for my true crime recommendations in the Fall!

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