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It is widely debated which KarJenner is the best. So I’ve devised a point system to help decide once and for all how to rank America’s favorite reality TV family. There are five categories with 7 points possible for each. The categories are as follows: Scandals (more scandals = lower score), likability (do they have a good personality?), outfits (originality and experimentation), conflict resolution (is it healthy?) and quotable moments (what have they had to say over the years?). Game on.

Khloe Kardashian: 24/35

Scandals: 3/7

We all love Khloe, but her scandals are numerous. Some of her scandals include Lamar cheating, Tristan cheating (twice), excessive face tuning, Indian headdress at Coachella, Niqab Selfies, Quicktrim Partnership and the Kardashian Kard.

Likeability: 5/7

Khloe is arguably the most likable of the siblings, as she has many admirable traits like honesty, humor and being a caring person. She also does have some less desirable qualities such as occasionally coming off as rude and often acting as if she’s hiding something.

Outfits: 6/7

Khloe’s outfits tend to be very well put together. She’s experimental, but is usually successful.

Conflict Resolution: 5/7

She tends to get caught up in the moment during conflict, and sometimes talks about people behind their backs. It never takes long for her to solve the issue though and she always steps up to support people when they need it.

Quotable Moments: 5/7

Khloe tends to get a little sassy and is quite witty. Some of her best one-liners are “Die with a good Snapchat going through,” “You’re so easy to make insecure,” and “Don’t be f**king RUDE!”

Kylie Jenner: 23/35

Scandals: 3/7

This Jenner’s scandals aren’t nearly as numerous as her older sisters, and they don’t seem near as detrimental. Her well-known scandals are the alleged lip fillers, Kendall and Kylie vintage t-shirt debacle, her alleged “billionaire” status, her BFF Jordyn helping Tristan cheat on Khloe, Tyga age gap, her photoshoot posing in a wheelchair and being accused of not crediting many people who inspire her outfits and ad campaigns.

Likeability: 5/7

Although Kylie can sometimes have an air of privilege surrounding her, she does have many good qualities including her kindness, her responsibility and her creativity.

Outfits: 7/7

Her outfits tend to be very unique, modern and stylish. She is never scared to try anything new and it almost always works well for her.

Conflict Resolution: 4/7

She typically avoids conflict for the most part, but she can get pretty nasty and at some points, even physical with her sister Kendall.

Quotable Moments: 4/7

Kylie has had a couple of unforgettable moments like “Is that a chicken?!” “Riiise and Shinee,” and “I’m gonna get waaasted!”

Kendall Jenner: 19/35

Scandals: 4/7

Kendall does have a few scandals, none of which are very major. These mainly include her protest-themed Pepsi ad, Kendall and Kylie t-shirt issue, her partnership with Proactiv and her promotion of the fraudulent Fyre Fest.


Though Kendall is nice and seems to have a good work ethic now, she comes off as arrogant to many people around her.

Outfits: 3/7

This low rating was actually surprising for me. I can imagine that the crazy clothes she wears as a model must get old, so I understand her understated outfits when she’s not at work.

Conflict Resolution: 4/7

Kendall seems largely uninvolved with her family’s drama; however, she does tend to get nasty when she is. She does directly confront people in a mostly mature way when she feels that has been wronged.

Quotable Moments: 4/7

A few of Kendall’s quotable moments include “You’re cute jeans” and “Yes it does, it’s paper,” in response to her mom saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Kourtney Kardashian: 18/35

Scandals: 5/7

This rebellious Kardashian has– surprisingly– one of the lowest numbers of scandals for her family.

Likeability: 1/7

Kourtney tends to come off as quite unlikeable because she has a distant, rude and pretentious attitude.

Outfits: 4/7

Though her outfits are pretty basic and similar, they are relatively stylish.

Conflict Resolution: 2/7

She almost never reaches out to apologize after a conflict, but she almost always gets very heated and sometimes even physical when arguing.

Quotable Moments: 6/7

Kourtney is very quotable when she says things like “Kim there’s people that are dying,” ” I taught you how to work!” and “ABCDEFG, I have to go.”

Kim Kardashian: 16/35

Scandals: 1/7

If there’s one thing Kim K is known for, it’s a good scandal. She has been involved in many things like leaked sex tapes, a 72-day marriage, her Aliyah Halloween costume, accused blackface in an ad campaign, her feud with Drake, PR for Dolce & Gabbana, her 40th COVID birthday trip, her beef with Taylor Swift, letting her daughter North wear makeup, Kardashian Kard, Quicktrim partnership and her partnering with fast fashion brands.

Likeability: 3/7

Though she was supposedly the Kardashian who started it all, she hasn’t proven to be very likable over the years. Her most well-known personality trait would probably be her dramatic behavior or privileged attitude.

Outfits: 5/7

In the past, Kim has been known for her stylish and put-together looks. In recent times, Kim’s outfits have become very minimalistic for the most part and don’t bring anything new to the table.

Conflict Resolution: 1/7

Kim is very low scoring in this category due to her unhealthy habits, such as her talking about others behind their backs, her manipulative attitude and getting physically aggressive at times with her sisters.

Quotable Moments: 6/7

Kim K has given us many iconic pop culture phrases such as “You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley,” “My diamond earring came off in the ocean and it’s gone”, “It’s what she deserves,” “Maybe if you had a business you were passionate about you would understand, but you don’t” and “You don’t think I feel bad?”

Rob Kardashian: 14/35

Scandals: 6/7

Rob really only has one major scandal which is the social media war with his ex, Black Chyna. In this so-called battle, Rob posted some private and explicit photos of Black Chyna.

Likeability: 4/7

We don’t see a whole lot of involvement from Rob when it comes to the media. For the most part, he seems relatively down to earth and agreeable.

Outfits: 2/7

It is arguable that Rob’s outfits are overly casual at most times; his looks are made up of basic pieces.

Conflict Resolution: 2/7

Rob tends to lash out and then keep to himself when he is faced with conflict.

Quotable Moments: 0/7

Because Rob is not really involved with the rest of his family publicly, he doesn’t have very many quotable moments.

Hopefully this list was able to shed light on one of America’s most controversial families. We all know and love the Kardashians for our own reasons, but at the end of the day, some of them are just better. But don’t worry, they’re all doing great sweetie.

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