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For arguably obvious reasons, indie music is defined as “music made by independent artists, without the support of a record label.” This makes it diverse, wide, and ever changing – because it has no real borders. It can be associated with several different sounds, like the indie rock of the 90s to early 2000s, to the mellower, pop sound of current indie music. My personal favorite sub-genre of indie music began to gain popularity in the late 90s. There are a million names to describe it and the further genres within it, but a good, recognizable term is electronic/electronica indie. I promise it isn’t as cringey as it sounds.

I personally feel like indie electronic/electronica sounds nothing like electronic music (the genre). Both genres are merely using some of the same techniques and programs to create different end results. Synths, drum machines and computer programs were popular within the “indie” genre by the early 2000s. They created a unique sound when combined with influences of previous indie eras like 90s garage rock and 80s indie pop. With many artists utilizing “natural” instruments as well, like acoustic guitars. Songs overall leaned closer to a weird pop/alternative and farther from pure electronic music. 

There are numerous notable/recognizable groups that utilize features of indie electronic music, like Radiohead, MGMT, and Phoenix, which have all received Grammy’s and/or Grammy nominations. A few other artists in this genre include LCD Soundsystem, Grimes, Blood Orange, and Chromatics.

And if you’re curious to hear a few electronic indie songs, here are my favorite nostalgic ones:

The Bay – Metronomy

Reflektor – Arcade Fire

Pogo – Digitalism

oh baby – LCD Soundsystem

Kill V. Maim – Grimes

Overall, I enjoy this genre because it’s something different. Even though they’re within the same sub-genre, many electronic indie songs have completely different production (and could easily be split into a million more sub genres) so it means you’re always hearing something new. 

Morgan Casey

Bradley U '23

Morgan is studying marketing at Bradley University with minors in professional writing and business analytics. After college she plans on pursuing a career that involves brand marketing.