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I’m sure we’ve all been there before. You’re sitting around, gazing out your window at the snow piled everywhere and just wishing that it were summer again. But you still have another good 50 days before it’s even spring. I have this feeling almost every single time the snow starts, and the temperatures fall below freezing. Luckily, I’ve found wars to beat the winter blues and make the next couple cold months bearable.

Creatively Planning Out Summer

If you’re the creative type, one of my favorite things to do is start planning out what my summer may end up looking like. Whether it be through Pinterest, vision boards, playlists, or drawing. Finding something fun to do while dreaming about summer can really make the waiting worth it. Plus, once summer finally comes around, you can have things set out for yourself already. Outfits, aesthetics, activities to do with friends, fun vacation spots. All of these different things can be set out on whatever platform you like. This is also an easy way to look back and see what’s waiting just around the corner for you.

Go Outside (even if it’s cold)

This may seem crazy, but just connecting yourself with the outside world can really help… just about anything! You don’t have to even stay for long. Just taking in deep breathes of fresh air can really improve your mood. If it’s warm enough, take yourself on a small hike or walk around the neighborhood. Whenever I go out, I like to think about how great things will look once the snow melts and everything’s green again. It also gives me hope that things will not stay this way forever. The ice and snow will melt, the trees will grow back their leaves and the grass will be green again.


This one could go hand-in-hand with going outside, but exercising is also a really good mood booster. Getting yourself warmed up with a workout or going for a walk somewhere is a very well-known way to get you happier. It also takes away the hours really easily and before you know it, spring and summer will be in bloom!

Be Around the People You Love

Hanging out with people is always a great way to get your mind off the winter weather. Whether it be friends, family or even your pets, it’s always worth interacting with someone when you’re feeling down. You can even always talk about your summer plans with your loved ones as well. Making these plans and keeping each other accountable for the summer to come. I love doing this stuff with my friends because even if we don’t end up actually doing the things we talk about, it makes the summer seem just a little nearer.

Enjoying Something Summer Related

Whether it be a movie, book, tv show, video game or even ice cream, enjoying something that’s inherently summer related always seems to cheer me right up. One of my favorite things to do while dreaming about summer is to rewatch season 3 of Stranger Things or Dazed and Confused. These things have the theme of a summer of being free, happy and basking in the summer sunshine. Enjoying these different things that remind you of summer can drastically change anyone’s mood. This can also once again go hand-in-hand with being around the people you love. Inviting those people to enjoy something you really like is a fantastic way to lift the mood.

If you’re aching for winter to end and for it to be nice and sunny outside, these are easy ways to make it a little more bearable while waiting it out. Once you’ve done all these fun things, the time will tick away, and it’ll officially be summer once again. All we have to do is wait it out and eventually it will be warm again.

Rylee Clark

Bradley U '27

My name is Rylee! I'm a freshman at Bradley University.