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I hate you.

I hate that I still love you.

I did everything I could to save our relationship, 

But you just keep giving me reasons to give up.

I kept asking you if you’re tired of me,

And you kept telling me that you’re not and there’s no reason to.

But at the end, you told me that you just got tired. 

I’m so confused, I don’t understand.

You said you love me.

I trusted and I believed you. 

And though our relationship is long, 

You just proved me wrong. 

You’re the only person that made be believe in love again,

But you’re also the only person who would bring back this so much pain. 

You were the only person that I could rely on,

But you keep on leading me on.

I love you, but I hate you.

I hate that I’m still in love with you.

I got tired with everything that you did to me,

But every single day and every second, I still think of us.

Rose Marie Godoy

Bradley U '25

Computer Science || Bradley University '25 || Poem Writer || ΣΔΤ || Tiktok: flowery_1234 || IG: flowery.111
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