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Do Dreams Have Deeper Meanings?

We have all had those dreams that include a moment or object and you wake up questioning why you dreamt about that and you may have looked it up. If you have, this may not be a surprise and if you have not, this may be too relatable to yourself if you have had these types of dreams.

There are plenty of common dreams that you may have had an emotional attachment to. Below, I have listed dreams that you may have experienced and what they may mean.

Dreams About Bugs

Having dreams about bugs is the worst type of dream that I have experienced. A few years ago, I dreamt of myself as a toddler sitting in a car seat. All of a sudden, a wasp-looking bug (not sure if it was a wasp) crawled up my buckle, and as anyone would, I freaked out. That doesn’t sound too bad, but the worst part was after freaking out about the wasp-looking bug, an enormous crowd of the same bug surrounded me and started to bite. As soon as that happened, I jumped awake and was too afraid to sleep.

I remember looking at what this could mean the next day and thinking about the deeper meaning. It made sense. Having dreams about bugs could symbolize fears, anxiety and worry about something or someone. Having a dream of many bugs, like mine, could be a symbol of negative thoughts or feelings.

Dreams About Going to School Naked

Everyone has had to experience this haunting dream. I know I have had this dream several times during my intermediate school years. It’s one of those dreams that once you wake up for school in real life (not in the dream), you triple-check to make sure you aren’t naked before you leave your house. 

This dream could be reflecting on your insecurities and fearing that they could get revealed. Experiencing this dream could show your weakness or fears that you don’t want the other students to know about. 

When I experienced these dreams, I had terrible insecurities and was too afraid to meet new friends. After reading this and thinking about these dreams, I can tell the relationship was with myself.

Dreams About Falling

This is one dream that I feel like we all experience without overthinking this particular dream’s meaning.

Experiencing the dream of falling could mean that there is a reflection of feelings or senses that your life is out of control and can’t maintain it. Falling in a dream can also mean being unstable, anxious, overwhelmed, or inadequate.

Dreams About Teeth Falling Out

Having a dream about your teeth falling out can be related to a loss in your life or significant life changes. Losing teeth could indicate that you just lost someone or something like a job or relationship. Teeth falling out can also represent an abrupt change in your life. Experiencing this dream can also mean there is stress in your life, anxiety or depression.


There are plenty more dreams that have a deeper meaning than you may think. These meanings may not always be true for you and could just be a common dream. 

If you are experiencing these dreams more than once, it may be best to talk to someone about your feelings.

Anna Brandon

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Hi! I am Anna and a junior at Bradley University. I am a journalism major and a professional writing minor. I am a contributor for the Bradley Scout as well. I have always been a writer and a storyteller; I can’t wait to have what I love as my career. Besides writing, I like to paint, workout, and watch crime shows. 
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