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Daydreaming And Reality: A Poem

Shining in the outside 

But rusty in the inside

It looks so beautiful 

That I believed like a fool. 

Staring at the wall,

Thinking about my fall

But snapped by the truth 

Everything is a lie in disguise of a soothe.

Such a strange scenario in my head

That I just want it to end. 

But the reality has woken me up

And the illusions have been stabbed. 

What am I feeling?

Am I dreaming?

Or is it the reality? 

Not certain what it could be 

Can daydreaming bring you happiness?

Or is it worse than darkness?

Is it worth it to believe in pleasant thoughts?

Or is it better to accept the miserable truths? 

Though reality can be hurtful,

It can actually make you feel joyful.

While daydreaming is the opposite

It gives you false vibrant. 

Rose Marie Godoy

Bradley U '25

Computer Science || Bradley University '25 || Poem Writer || ΣΔΤ || Tiktok: flowery_1234 || IG: flowery.111
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