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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bradley U chapter.

Throughout college, I have tried many hobbies to help me find my own identity and keep me at peace. I’m not an expert, this is just my opinion, therefore all of these are based off of my experience and it could be different for you!


Coming to college I started to pick it up crochet again, because it a great way to distract my mind. I learned when I was in second grade when my grandma taught me. I fell in love with how fast time went by when I was crocheting. I found that having a homemade item made me feel closer to home. Once I’m done with a project I feel accomplished.


Reading has helped me escape the reality of college. I love “traveling” to worlds with witches and wizards and love stories that are so unrealistic but fun. Reading has allowed me to learn about all kinds of topics. I wouldn’t have looked into those topics without reading said book. Not only does reading help grow my mind, but it makes me feel accomplished.


I loved meditation! I know it can be a struggle at first, but once you get your mind to relax it tends to get easier. It especially helps a lot when learning how to find your inner peace. I struggled with my inner thoughts becoming a distraction in my everyday life, but after I started meditating, I realized how to ease my thoughts.

Taking walks

This may seem like a basic thing that everyone does but, when you need a break from life, this is a great option. It not only gets you exercising but also relaxes your mind. I learned taking a walk after a big exam or a stressful class, helps me find peace with what happened. I started to take walks over the summer after I would have a stressful work day. Since then I have kept this as a constant activity to help me collect my thoughts before saying something I regret. I highly recommend giving it a try when you need your next break from reality.


I have loved writing since I was young, and though I know it’s not for everyone, I recommend everyone give it a chance. Personally, I like writing fiction and poetry, it helps make situations a little less scary. In my experience, I have been able to collect my thoughts faster and see the bigger picture.


The best way to capture your college moments is videos and pictures. One thing I learned this year, would be we don’t have a lot of time in college. Therefore, we should live our life to the fullest as much as possible. I started to take more videos and pictures of my friends, so we can have more memories saved to talk about in the future. So far, it has become a huge hit within my friend group, and I recommend you give it a try with yours.


A good meal can change the whole outlook on a day. Cooking can be therapeutic if you choose to give it a chance. I hated cooking until I had a kitchen of my own. I love being able to make my food and know that it’s something I did.

Ann McManus

Bradley U '25

Hey!! My name is Ann and I'm a junior journalism major with a minors in creative writing and political science. As you can tell I love to write, but when I'm not, my favorite activities to is reading, crocheting, or catching up on my favorite shows/movies.<3