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5 Last Minute & Cute Thanksgiving Outfits

Thanksgiving is a time for joy and laughter around the kitchen table. Some people may have multiple families to see and dinners to attend. It’s a time for people to relax and have fun when away from work. Obviously, having cute and comfy outfits come with these events like going to church, visiting your grandparents or going to a friend’s house. On Thanksgiving, people like to get dressed up, but don’t want to stress about it either. For that, here are five cute and easy outfits to throw together for the events you may attend.


Not all families head to church on holidays, but many do to give thanks. You want to have a modest but cute look. Take a cute sweater, dress or a sweater dress and dress it up with booties, which can be long or short. Typically with easy outfits like this, accessories make a huge difference! Usually for fall, gold is the way to go. You can also pair a cute bag with it. Some places that sell cute, affordable sweater dresses are SHEIN or even Forever 21. Of course, if there is not time, you can wear any long sleeve dress with cute booties and cute accessories such as jewelry, bags, scarves, etc.


When you are with family, they usually don’t mind what you wear. Some families like taking family pictures and dressing in cute festive colors. Some cute and easy outfits to throw together can include a simple knit sweater. If you don’t have one you like, you can easily stop by any store, even Walmart, to find a plain simple sweater. You can pair them with jeans or even dress them up with a skirt. Even though a lot of people wear cute booties during the fall, some people also wear cute flats. Accessories can help dress up simple outfits like this.

Night Out

Usually, Thanksgiving is a family thing, but sometimes your family will only eat and spend the rest of the night talking. Maybe your friends invite you to a night out afterward. Some simple and trendy pieces this fall is faux leather. The faux leather pants make a good outfit with a plain black shirt and some booties – the same goes for the leather skirt. Normal booties don’t always look as good as thigh-high boots when going out. Something even more simple is black top, black blazer and jeans with booties. This is always a go-to for going out when it’s cold.

ComFy cozy

After eating a good meal, sometimes you just want to get into comfy clothes and sit around the rest of the night. These are perfect ideas for just that! Maybe you can keep on your comfy fall sweater and throw on some black or white joggers and fuzzy socks. You can always just spend the day wearing a black top and black leggings with cute jacket or cardigan thrown on top. A very trendy outfit that is cozy can be a cute two-piece set. A flowy two-piece set can look put together, but be the comfiest choice of them all.


When people don’t feel like choosing an outfit, they tend to just wear a sweater and jeans of any color with their favorite sneakers. Simple things can spice them up. Of course, everyone has a flannel during the fall. A popular type is shacket flannels, which are thick enough to wear cropped tops under. Another good accessory is a belt and some cute curls in your hair. You don’t always need to go all out for holidays – it’s about enjoying time more than how you may look.

Vivian Gomez

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