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Lyrics I Recommend You Use As Instagram Captions to “Keep Them THINKING”

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I got this idea from another article I saw from one of my beautiful sisters of her campus sisters from LSU, Enjanae Taylor. Please go read her article on Coco Jones lyrics. Without further or do, let’s get started.

“I Can’t Remember To Forget You” — “Can’t Remember” by Shakira

Reason to use: Every person you have ever talked to or even looked at will assume you are talking about them.

“I’m a Big Deal, I Get Sick and Tired of Holding It In” — “Angel” by Halle Bailey

Reason to use: This lyric is letting everyone know that your time is coming very soon.

“I’m winning, so nobody tripping Bet if I ever fall off, everybody go missing” — “Cobra” by Megan Thee Stallion

Reason to use: This song is both sad and hype, and I love the combination. Everyone will be scared of you and for you.

“Let’s just say it is what it is and was what it was” — “Exes” by Tate McRae

Reason to use: This is like your comeback song after you have finally gotten over that ex. These lyrics let them know just how over them you are.

“When you start as friends to hard to say you’re never going back, if I’m not the one then I’m the best mistake you ever had.” — “Best Mistake” by Arianna Grande ft. Big Sean

Reason to use: Sean’s whole verse is straight heat, but there are gems in Ari’s lines too.

“Big doe eyes amazin’, she’s everything I’ve been prayin'” — “Slumber party” by Ashnikko

Reason to use: I think these lyrics tells them that you know they are watching your every move.

“Stupid” by Ashnikko and Baby Tate

Reason to use: The whole song is amazing. Every lyric could be a great caption, but since this song is a little more inappropriate, you as the reader will have to read those lyrics on your own time.

“F*ck a princess, I’m a king” — “Daisy” by Ashnikko

Reason to use: I don’t have to say anything … but this women does not need a man, but rather may want one. Independent women quote.

“I don’t like the drama but I’ll finish what you start” — “Tomboy” by Destiny Rogers

Reason to use: Drama does not phase her and never will. Don’t you want people to say that about you?

“I’m a girl’s girl, I’m a boss in a man’s world” — “Tomboy” by Destiny Rogers

Reason to use: This whole song is a vibe and this proves that. You could definitely find more lyrics in it.

“You keep lookin’ at me like this problem is new but we’ve been here before, what you tryin’ to do?” — “Lost In the Moment” by NF

Reason to use: This song really gets deep into problems no one wants to talk about and using this as an instagram caption will get people thinking about how their excuses do nothing for you anymore.

These are some lyrics that I believe will continue to have people thinking about you. It will even get them thinking about how they fit into your life. This is a great way to start your influencer journey and post once a week with a fire caption. I hope you enjoyed today’s article and have an amazing day.

Jasmyn Burton

Bradley U '26

I am a freshman theater performance major, thinking about minoring in African American and music studies. I joined her campus because I wanted an outlet to write more about what I want instead of the essays we are forced to write in college. I plan to stay in Her Campus for my full college career.