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8 Coco Jones Lyrics For Your Valentine’s Day Instagram Captions, If You’re Taken Or Not

Coco Jones is really that girl. Not only did she put out her hit album What I Didn’t Tell You in 2023, but now she’s also a Grammy-nominated artist. With the project filled with everything from love songs to heartbreak anthems, who else better to write your Valentine’s Day Instagram captions than Coco Jones

The performer just graced the stage with fellow It Girl Reneé Rapp during the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve special on New Year’s Eve, performing Rapp’s “Tummy Hurts” remix, which Jones is featured on. Jones also did a Grammy preview for Billboard, discussing her rise to fame and platinum hit song, “ICU.” 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated differently by everyone. Don’t worry — Jones has a song for every vibe this Valentine’s Day. She’s got it all covered for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, and even Singles Awareness Day. Whether you’re in love and in your “Fallin’” era or freshly in your single era and blasting “Double Back,” these eight Coco Jones lyrics are great for your Valentine’s Day Insta captions.

I breathe you, turnin’ my heart blue. — “ICU”

This is for my heartbroken besties out there. It would also be a great caption for an all-blue Valentine’s Day outfit.

baby, go open a Bible ‘Causе God knows that sin is a cycle. — “Tummy Hurts”

If you want to give your ex some advice on how to spend Valentine’s Day, these are the perfect lyrics. Instead of opening up Instagram, they can continue to bless themselves after reading your Instagram caption.

Maybe This Is A Sign. — “Double Back”

Don’t text your ex back. Even though it’s not a good idea if you want to get their attention, use this caption.

Is it gonna be me and you? — “Me And You”

This one is a bit silly. Let It Shine is still an iconic movie with an amazing soundtrack. It’s where most of us fell in love with Jones, and first heard her iconic voice. Let your crush know you’re thinking about them with lyrics calling them out.

I make him love me, go crazy for me. — “Crazy for me”

Post this caption with a pic of you and your partner. Trust me, the feed is going to go crazy.

Pulled up to the party on my Playgirl sh*t. — “Caliber”

This is for anyone going to a V-Day party. Use this caption and take a really good picture in or around a car.

Think I’m fallin’ in love. — “Fallin'”

Simple but effective. Post this with a pic of your partner.

I don’t believe in love. — “Simple”

This is a complete 180 to the last caption. This caption is for you if you’re anti-Valentine’s Day this year.

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