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Your Venus Sign and What it Says About Your Relationship Style

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Welcome back to Erin's Astrology class! Today, we will be discussing the role of the Venus sign in your birth chart. Venus, known as the planet of love, beauty, passions, and pleasure, is a planet whose sign helps us to learn our opinions and desires in our relationships. While these relationships may not always be romantic, the Venus sign offers insight into what makes the signs swoon. Additionally, exploring compatibility in Venus signs can add an interesting aspect to any relationship. Remember that compatibility isn't everything: other aspects in your birth chart can add interesting synastry and increase compatibility, even if your Venus signs are not traditionally compatible. (Don't be afraid: I am a Capricorn Venus with my partner being an Aries Venus. These two do not normally mesh, but there are other aspects that bring compatibility for us!)

As always, follow along to learn what your sign says about you! To access your birth chart, you will need your birthday, birthplace, and birth time. The website I use is https://www.astro-charts.com, which gives an easy-to-follow circle chart and a written-out chart. Here is what your Venus sign says about you!


Venus in Aries: Hello, passionate! You love the chase. Your relationships (and what you find attractive in others) can be fiery, nontraditional, and filled with nothing but passion. Aries Venus holds a stereotype for needing to be constantly entertained and engaged in their relationships, but in reality, they want to be involved and leaders in their relationships. They love intellectual debates and have the drive to thrive in competition.

Venus in Taurus: Venus is at home in the sign of Taurus. Having your sign in Taurus means you prioritize sensuality and perception in your relationships. You may have higher standards, but you are nothing but loyal to your loved ones. With increased interest in sensuality, Taurus Venus may find themselves creating things for their loved ones that activate the senses: art projects, cooking dinner, and... other sensual experiences. They may be stubborn in relationships, but thrive when they are given inspiration, creativity, and true love.

Venus in Gemini: As an Air sign, Gemini Venus will always (unfortunately) hold the reputation for being gossips and flakey in relationships. However, I see this as a way to connect with others more intimately. You have a natural gift for making others feel comfortable, as it can be easy for you to conform to individuals' mannerisms and interests. You find joy in experiencing "the realistic": reality TV, documentaries, and interacting with the real world. They love sharing their experiences with their loved ones and enjoy sharing their newly-learned info with others.

Venus in Cancer: Water signs are known to be more in tune with their feelings; often being called one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. In this placement, individuals simply love to be with the ones they love. Whether it be simple activities like grocery shopping or cleaning the house or swoon-worthy romantic gestures from their lovers, Venus in Cancer finds love in emotional intimacy. To connect with others, Cancer Venus placements are in tune with their love language.

Venus in Leo: Grand gestures mean the world to Venus in Leo. This can mean gift-giving of any type; small thoughtful gifts are the way to their heart. However, they can be loud and proud in making sure they are being appreciated for all they do. Passionate is insinuated with this placement; the roar of the Lion is seen in how these people interact with others. Flirty and fiery like Aries, Leos love the chase. This placement is also commonly into the "bad boy" type.

Venus in Virgo: Shiver me timbers, Virgo! Just kidding; it's okay to have high standards! Virgo Venus is nothing short of thoughtful; they love fiercely and ferociously. These people may be more nervous about how they approach relationships. They may not be as quick to open up to others, and require special attention from their relationships in making sure their presence is known. This can be done by others taking the initiative to plan dates or hangouts, thoughtful texts, and intellectual conversations.

Venus in Libra: Libra is also at home in this placement. These people are charismatic, thoughtful, and open-minded in how they approach love and their relationships. Mutual support is very important to these placements, as they find comfort in their relationships and interactions with others. Much like other air sign placements, they love to share their experiences with their loved ones. Conversation and interaction on a consistent basis are detrimental to this placement. They are loyal until the end.

Venus in Scorpio: Mysterious in nature, Venus in Scorpio are known for their intrigue and reliance on gut feelings in relationships. They love fiercely, intensely, and roughly; their emotions are at the forefront, even if it doesn't appear as such. They put their loved ones first almost instinctively. They love solving problems and find satisfaction in discovering deeper meaning in surface-level interactions.

Venus in Sagittarius: Known for their flirtatious vibe, Venus in Sag are free, open-minded, and noncommittal in their romantic endeavors. However, this does not mean they can't be loyal; once they find their person, they are their person. Do not get in between a Venus in Sag and their wants; they will get it, no matter what it takes. They may be a bit self-centered, but that's not a bad thing in any sense. They may not be able to tell you exactly what they're looking for, but once they do know, it becomes their life.

Venus in Capricorn: Contrasting the previous sign, my personal placement of Venus in Capricorn knows their goals and ambitions in life, and they want someone that will help them along the way to achieve what their heart desires. Having a reputation for high standards, this placement takes great pride in who they love and show affection by acts of service. Taking financial responsibility is a turn-on for this placement, and they love to go on well-planned dates.

Venus in Aquarius: This placement is a hard one to track down: their interests can be everywhere. Venus in Aquarius tend to lean toward more rebellious opportunities in love and their passions in life; they also like the chase. However, as a fixed sign, Aquarius will stand their ground if they are being mistreated. In comparison with the mercury sign, Venus in Aquarius has a variety of ways they present: bad boy type, mysterious art student, or they have the reputation for being loners. They take their time to get to know people and don't make rash decisions in love, since they (quietly) do care what people they are interested in think of them.

Venus in Pisces: The last sign of the zodiac is known for its sensuality and attention to their inner emotions. Similar to other water signs like Cancer and Scorpio, Venus in Pisces love to love. They are imaginative, romantic, and take great care in how they appear to the ones they like. They are attentive lovers, making sure that their loved ones are being heard, cared for, and appreciated. At the same time, though, they love harshly and may have a tendency to manipulate others into getting what they want out of an interaction.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about the Venus signs and what yours says about you and your relationships. Remember that signs are expressed differently with additional placements in your birth chart. For more information on your Venus sign, check out Cafe Astrology, a common resource for new astrologers and those wanting to know more about their personal charts.

Erin Anderson

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Erin is a sophomore at Bowling Green State University where she is majoring in Adolescent/Young Adult Education (Integrated Language Arts). Alongside being Senior Editor for the group, she loves to write about astrology, self-love, spirituality, and mental health.
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