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Why Cats Are the Ultimate Stress-Reliever for College Students

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Already feeling the stress of college this semester? Well, you may want to get in contact with some feline friends. Numerous studies have shown that cats have amazing stress-relief abilities, and can help improve the mental health of their human companions. Here are a few reasons that cats are the ultimate stress reliever for college students! (featuring pictures of my own four cats!)

They can relieve stress just by being themselves.

Research shows that interacting with cats can help your body release stress-reducing hormones, making you feel better mentally and physically. Just sitting down and petting them releases the ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin, making us feel relaxed and trusting. Having a cat around can help college students take their minds off of whatever stressful events happened during their day.

(Mystery, 1-year-old Grey Tabby)

The Power of Their Purr.

A cat purrs within a range of 20-140Hz. This range of frequency is known to be medically therapeutic for illnesses in humans, so not only do cats help release anti-stress hormones, they are benefiting physical healing and well-being, too.

(Smokie, 1-year-old Korat/American Shorthair)

they Make Great Companions.

Animals rely on you and will love you unconditionally. Having a cat waiting for you at home gives you something to look forward to, and a reason to keep going. They provide a sense of stability that can be comforting.

(LEFT: Rocky, 3-year-old brown Tabby, RIGHT: Snowy, 3-year-old white American Shorthair)
Sophie Hohler

Bowling Green '24

Sophie is a second-year student at BGSU studying media production and journalism. She enjoys watching movies, filming/playing with cameras, and playing with her 4 cats back home in Ashland, OH.