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Taylor Swift folklore
Taylor Swift folklore

What Your Favorite Taylor Swift Album Says About You

With the release of Red (Taylor’s Version), “swifties” everywhere are rising up. Everyone has a friend who loves Taylor Swift and even if you’re not a fan you’ve heard her music many times over the years. It can be hard to pick a favorite album but everyone has one that they gravitate towards. Here’s what your favorite Taylor Swift album (out of her 9 original studio albums) says about you.

Taylor Swift

If Taylor’s first album, Taylor Swift, is your favorite you probably like country music, but that’s a given. You might have emotional attachments to your childhood memories. You definitely like that cowboy boots are trending in street style fashion looks. You’re probably a hopeless romantic that ends up pining after love with crushes on the cashier at the Trader Joe’s. Your close friends and family might call you dramatic, but you just like to express your feelings.


If Fearless is your favorite Taylor Swift album, you definitely like the color yellow and flowers in the spring. You definitely know more about American Girl Dolls than everyone else does, genius. If you could travel anywhere, you’d want to visit a European castle and live out your “Love Story” music video dreams! You also used to have a diary as a child and if you haven’t journaled in a while, this is your reminder to pick up your notebook and start writing.

Speak now

If Speak Now is your favorite Taylor Swift album, you like to cry. You loved the Barbie cinematic universe when you were a kid. You also probably love baking and making coffee drinks. Fashion is probably a fun way for you to express yourself and you incorporate classy basics into your wardrobe! You also probably give great advice to your friends.


If Red is your favorite Taylor Swift album, you have great taste. You know the classics. Just Dance is probably a favorite game of yours, I just feel it. You drink pumpkin spice lattes all fall, not because you like the taste but just for the vibes. Reading is a hobby you enjoy and you were probably that kid in elementary school who always met their reading goal and read way above your grade level. Oh and also, you probably cry a lot. And you like to party.


If 1989 is your favorite Taylor Swift album, you were definitely on Tumblr in 2014. You probably ran a One Direction fan account. Curating playlists is a favorite pass time of yours. You have dreams of moving to the big city. Friendship is something that you really value and you stand by your people. In high school, you were probably a theatre kid. You love accessories, especially hats and sunglasses. And you definitely used to love Club Libby Lu as a child (the girls that get it, get it, and the girls that don’t, don’t!)


Two words. Major Aries energy. If Reputation is your favorite Taylor Swift album, you’re probably really sensitive, you just don’t want people to know. You’re not afraid to stand up for yourself and those that you love and you’re probably a great friend. You are the best at choosing the right hype music at the right time. And you definitely had (or are still in) an emo phase.


If Reputation is Aries, then Lover is Libra (this is solely based on my own judgement and life experiences.) You are so sweet and you have such great style. Upon first meeting you, you might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But that’s just because they don’t know you well enough. You have some hidden gems below what your first impression may give off. Your closet is full of soft fabrics and pastel colors with a little bit of sparkle accents. You probably loved going to the fair or the amusement park as a kid. And you’re probably a Disney adult.


If Folklore is your favorite, you love poetry. Your top love languages are words of affirmation and quality time. You love songs about unrequited love, even though you probably haven’t been on a date in years. If you know the Meyers-Briggs types, you are probably an INFP. You probably learned to bake homemade bread and you love pinning recipes on Pinterest that you’ll never end up making. You also love to daydream (sometimes this annoys your friends) and you definitely keep a journal.


If Evermore is your favorite Taylor Swift album, acts of service is your top love language. Winter is your favorite season because you secretly love being sad around the holidays. Chai lattes are your Starbucks drink of choice and you always order your drinks with oatmilk. You also love traveling and hiking is an activity that you enjoy strictly for the ambiance, not the physical activity or the bugs. You’ve read the classics and you love Little Women. And something tells me that you love to listen to podcasts.

Anna Kubitz

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Anna is a student at Bowling Green State University studying Visual Communication Technology and minoring in Marketing. She is chapter President and Campus Coordinator of Her Campus at BGSU. She loves fashion, music, matcha lattes, and is passionate about creating beautiful things. Anna also creates midsize fashion and lifestyle content on Instagram, @annakubitz.
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