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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bowling Green chapter.

College can be daunting. As time becomes a big inconsistent in life, these are few subjects you may have be warned about or need a reminder for while in college. 



It’s nearly impossible to skate by college without any debt, so you may have to prepare to take out a loan. Debt isn’t the end of the world, in fact it seems typical in this economy to have debt. As loans will need to be paid after you graduate, anyone can start paying for them or saving up in college. While debt can be a hard pill to swallow, just remember the purpose of going into debt is to hopefully start your career. You are investing in your future, so it’s critical you make it count. 

You WILL Get Home Sick

At first the initial moments of being on your own are fun and exciting, but eventually you start to feel lonely. Making friends is critical in college as you have absolutely no one to interact with except for your friends in college. Without family, it may seem difficult to know who to turn to in desperate measures, but everyone is always a phone call away. However, friends are hard to fill in for the family members that know you extremely well, but it’s hard to shake the feeling of home sickness. 

t’s Hard to Eat Healthy

Yes, it is difficult to eat healthy on-campus. All the fast food campus restaurants are calling your name, it’s hard to run down to the store, make a meal, and eat it on a given day in-between classes. The life of a college student is constantly being in motion. Time is a luxury and hardly anyone has the time to create and eat a home cooked meal. 

As college is a tricky time to maneuver school life with a personal life, it can be rewarding. As any of the aspects may not apply to everyone, but it is critical to recognize these possibilities and work past them. 

Aubreyonna Van Hoose is a freshman Film Production major and Journalism minor at Bowling Green State University. She also writes for the BG News and loves watching films in her free time. While filmmaking and writing are her passion, she loves working at her local coffee shop.