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How to Use Glamour Magick this Valentine’s Day

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Glamour magick has been blowing up on social media recently. Especially on Tiktok, we see a huge rise of witchcraft, also known as the “WitchTok” community. It is the act of taking jewelry, clothing, or a tangible object and enchanting it with intention. Some people do this for beauty, luck, or appearing a certain way. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I’ll be discussing glamour magick more on the beauty side of things. To do glamour magick, you have to follow a couple of different steps. This can be done in many different ways, but here are my own personal rituals:

Finding Your Object

First things first, you should probably find an object you want to enchant with your glamour magick. I usually go for necklaces, earrings, rings, crystals, or even clothes! I recommend choosing something important to you, so it has meaning when you carry it around. For example, I’ll use my sunscreen for protection, and my earrings for beauty. Since sunscreen covers my face, it made sense to perform a glamour spell so that it can protect me from unwanted energies. For Valentine’s Day, I highly recommend using lipstick, perfume, or carrying around rose quartz to increase your beauty and attractiveness!

Timing the Ritual

Timing glamour rituals can also be very important. You can consider the phases of the moon, time of the hour, and day of the week. For example, Friday is associated with Venus, and Venus rules over love in our birth charts! I usually do a lot of my beauty rituals on Fridays, considering this conjunction. Setting up your space for rituals can also be very important. I like to clean my room before spell-work, which helps me to focus better, and I use rose water room sprays to cleanse my space! Timing and cleansing can help create an environment that brings in the energy you need.

Preforming the Ritual

Now it’s time to perform the ritual! This varies from person to person, but I love enchanting my objects with bowls of salt. I usually opt for pink Himalayan salt, since it has properties associated with beauty. I add rose quartz and carnelian to the bowl along with the objects I wish to enchant. I have a couple of different prayers I like to use, which you can find blessing prayers online. I like to leave my objects in the bowl overnight, but you can do this however you please!

I hope this article can give you a little insight into what glamour magick is, how to perform it, and use it to your advantage!

Liz Roth

Bowling Green '25

Liz is a freshman at Bowling Green State University studying Graphic Design and Folklore. She loves reading, thrifting, fashion, astrology, and going to art museums! Liz is also a content creator, where she discusses activism and spirituality on TikTok, @Lovewitchliz
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