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Unique Things to Do to Get in the Fall Spirit

Fall is by far my favorite season, and when the time comes around, I’m always looking for little things to do to get in the autumn mood. Watching movies, going to a pumpkin patch, jumping in a pile of leaves, and drinking pumpkin spiced lattes are all the usual activities we indulge in to get into the spooky spirit, but I feel like there are other ways we can show our appreciation for the cooler weather. Here are some uncommon fall activities to do this coming season:

1. Virtual Movie night with friends

A regular horror movie marathon is a known activity for the fall season, but we’re still in a pandemic, and some may be uncomfortable with big gatherings, even for a fun movie night, but as a result of our pandemic, streaming services such as Netlfix Party, where you can watch movies simultaneously with people who are miles away through watch party and screen-sharing technology, keeping you connected to loved ones.

2. EXPERIMENT with fall drinks with friends

Pumpkin spiced lattes and hot apple cider are autumn drink staples, but these drinks are usually bought, instead of made, but are you brave enough to try it yourself? It may be harder than you think, but knowing that you made it on your own adds a level good taste :)

3. binge watch horror movies you haven’t seen yet

I am guilty of being behind on movies I should watch, especially classic horror movies (*cough cough* The Scream Series *cough cough*), and like a movie marathon, this movie marathon can be on your own, with specific titles you’ve never seen before. The benefit of having a solo movie marathon is that no one can judge you for the movies you haven’t watched yet. Turn the lights on, watch cartoons in between movies, even eat candy while watching the movies if you find it intimidating to watch horror movies on your own don’t worry I won’t judge).

4. decorate front door and/or room

Decorating for the winter holidays is a staple friend/family bonding activity, but the same isn’t really said for fall/Halloween decorating. Even when I lived in my college dorm, I would buy fake leaves and tape them to my door in a gradient style, adding personalization to my room. Decorations such as garlands, candles, creepy photos, and Halloween decorations can add that simple touch of fall that you may need in your life.

5. Halloween movie drinking game* 21+ only

A website named “Drink When” was invented for people who are suckers for movie drinking games. One of the most entertaining genres to drink to in people’s opinions is horror/Halloween, so if you don’t want to go out, but still want to have a little alcohol fun, a movie drinking game is a perfect option for a cozy Friday night in.

6. make applesauce and/or pumpkin pie

Pumpkin and cinnamon for both popular fall flavors that increasingly pop in candles, beverages, and obviously, food. Just like making your own drinks could be a fun experience, making your own fall foods like apple sauce or pumpkin pie can fill your house with sweet Autumn smells and fill your stomachs with sweet Autumn foods.

7. take a scenic route

If you live in a city that has seasonal changes, then taking some time to drive around and embrace the different leaf colors, beautiful sunsets, and cooler weather in whatever way that suits you: paint a scenery, take photos, drive around and sing, sit at a park and journal, or just look at a sunset and just breathe and be still. Being in nature already helps with stress, as well as lowing blood pressure, so mediation would be time well spent.

8. make a fall/Halloween music playlist

I personally am someone that listens to music daily, so having a playlist for every emotion is something I thrive on. I’m able to make something that’s personal and creative to me. When my family would have Halloween parties, I would enjoy preparing the playlist of said party, and go through the spooky, witchy, and fun process of making the product then using it.

The Fall season is a popular favorite season, and I know the feeling of getting bored of doing the same thing every year, or at least wanting to add a twist to traditional activities. Have a great Fall and celebrate how you want!

Maria Duffy

Bowling Green '22

Maria Duffy is a fourth year Communication student at Bowling Green State University with a minor in Women's Studies. She hopes to get her Masters soon, and double minor in Ethnic Studies. Duffy has a passion for learning, writing, and empowering intersecting identities in terms of race and gender. They hope to inspire and work towards a more inclusive world.
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