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Top 6 Comfort Shows You NEED to Watch

It’s that time of the year. School is starting to calm down and the days are getting shorter. But somehow, you’re feeling more stressed than ever. You just want to lay in bed all day and put something on the TV, but there’s nothing good. Look no further! Here are some shows that will make your days all the better.

Gilmore girls

Despite being 21 years old, Gilmore Girls has made its way into homes and hearts all over. It follows single mom, Lorelai, and daughter Rory, as they make their way through their small town and big cities. You get to see Lorelai make her move up as a hotel manager and Rory, as a high school student and an eventual Yale student. Friendships and relationships are made and lost throughout the series, but there is a sense of comfort and relatability as you watch these two grow.

Streaming on Netflix

Freaks and Geeks

Set in the 80s, this show focuses on siblings Lindsay and Sam Weir as they maneuver throughout high school. Lindsay, who was once the perfect child, decides to kick it with a group of misfits who love rock-n-roll, while Sam tries to survive freshman year despite being classified as a “geek.” With lots of great music, funny one-liners, and recognizable actors in their youth, this show will grab you from the start.

Streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video

New Girl

New Girl follows the quirky Jessica Day as she moves into a loft with three single guys. As Jess and her best friend Cece try to understand Nick, Schmidt, and Winston, they find themselves getting into more trouble than needed. With their ups and downs, they manage to create a beautiful friendship with one another while trying to understand their place in their world and accept true adulthood. This show is iconic and you will be filled with laughs as you watch.

Streaming on Netflix


When lawyer Jeff Winger’s license gets suspended, he’s forced to go to Greendale Community College. There he meets Britta, a firecracker of a woman whom he tries to pursue by making a fake Spanish study group. However, he is surprised to find that Britta is not the only one there. He meets former athlete, Troy, Christian mother, Shirley, overachieving Annie, movie connoisseur Abed, and businessman Pierce. Though there’s a rocky start at first, these seven form an unlikely friendship as they try to survive the eccentric college. This show has many recognizable faces and is an easy watch.

Streaming on Netflix and Hulu

Bobs Burgers

Bob’s Burgers follows Bob Belcher and his family as they run his family owned restaurant. As competition gets high from neighboring restaurant Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria, the family realizes their restaurant is getting too close to running out of business. With their interesting burger creations and dedication, Bob refuses to let the restaurant turn into dust. Not only is it a cute, family-orientated show, there’s mischief around every corner thanks to the kids, Tina, Louise, and Gene. This show will have you smiling from ear to ear (and laughing).

Streaming on Hulu

The Great British Bake Off

Running for 11 years, The Great British Bake Off is an easy watch with lots of yummy dishes! Based in the United Kingdom, this show follows a group of amateur bakers competing against each other to prove their skills to well known judges and the world. Not only are the accents fun, but you will somehow turn into a baking pro as you watch the competitors bake great (and not so great) goodies. Oh, and did I mention the ever-so-funny Noel Fielding is a presenter?

Streaming on Netflix

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